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Salesforce Exam User-Experience-Designer Topic 5 Question 62 Discussion

Actual exam question for Salesforce's Salesforce Certified User Experience Designer exam
Question #: 62
Topic #: 5
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A UX Designer determines that the usability of their company's Salesforce org could be improved if there was a tight relationship between the objects Container and Container Bids. For example, Container Bids should be deleted automatically whenever its associated Container is deleted.

Which type of relationship should be used to optimize the link between Container and Container Bids?

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Suggested Answer: A

To optimize the relationship between two objects in Salesforce, such as Container and Container Bids, where there is a need for a tight relationship and cascading delete functionality, a Master-Detail relationship is most suitable. This type of relationship has the following characteristics:

Cascading Delete: When a record in the master (or parent) object is deleted, all related detail (or child) records are automatically deleted. This ensures data integrity and aligns with the requirement that Container Bids should be deleted when their associated Container is deleted.

Tight Coupling: A Master-Detail relationship creates a strong linkage between the two objects, where the detail (child) record's existence is dependent on the master (parent) record. This is appropriate for scenarios where the child record should not exist without its parent.

Options B (Hierarchical Lookup) and C (Many-to-one Lookup) do not provide the same level of dependency and cascading delete functionality inherent in a Master-Detail relationship.

Reference: Salesforce's official documentation provides extensive information on different types of relationships between objects, including Master-Detail relationships. The Salesforce Developer Documentation is a valuable resource for understanding how to set up and use these relationships to ensure data integrity and optimize application design.

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10 days ago
Hmm, I was thinking a Hierarchical Lookup might work, but a Master-Detail relationship makes more sense. It's like a container and its contents - you wouldn't want to keep the contents around if the container is gone, right?
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12 days ago
A master-detail relationship is the way to go here. It ensures that the Container Bids are deleted when their parent Container is deleted. Keeps things tidy and organized, you know?
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16 days ago
I think the relationship should be Master-Detail.
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