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C++ Institute Exam CPP Topic 2 Question 67 Discussion

Actual exam question for C++ Institute's CPP - C++ Certified Professional Programmer exam
Question #: 67
Topic #: 2
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What happens when you attempt to compile and run the following code?






using namespace std;

templateclass B { T val;


B(T v):val(v){}

T getV() const {return val;} };

templateostream & operator <<(ostream & out, const B & v) { out<


templatestruct Out {

ostream & out;

Out(ostream & o): out(o){}

void operator() (const T & val ) { out<

string tolower(const string & s) {

string tmp(s);

for(unsigned i = 0; i< tmp.size(); ++i){

tmp[i] = tolower(tmp[i]); }

return tmp; }

bool Less(const B &a, const B &b) {

return tolower(a.getV())

int main() {

string t[]={"aaa","bbb","Aaa", "Bbb","aAa","bBb","aaA","bbB"};

vector > v1; v1.assign(t, t+8);

stable_sort(v1.begin(), v1.end(), Less);

for_each(v1.begin(), v1.end(), Out >(cout));cout<

return 0;


Program outputs:

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Suggested Answer: C

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