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Amazon DOP-C01 Exam

Certification Provider: Amazon
Exam Name: AWS Certified DevOps Engineer - Professional
Duration: 170 Minutes
Number of questions in our database: 270
Exam Version: Nov. 25, 2021
DOP-C01 Exam Official Topics:
  • Topic 1: Implement and Manage Continuous Delivery Systems and Methodologies on AWS
  • Topic 2: Implement and Automate Security Controls, Governance Processes, and Compliance Validation
  • Topic 3: Define and Deploy Monitoring, Metrics, and Logging Systems on AWS
  • Topic 4: Implement Systems that are Highly Available, Scalable, and Self-Healing on the AWS Platform
  • Topic 5: Design, Manage, and Maintain Tools to Automate Operational Processes
  • Topic 6: Apply Concepts Required To Manage Systems Using AWS Configuration Management Tools And Services
  • Topic 7: Determine How To Set Up The Aggregation, Storage, And Analysis Of Logs And Metrics
  • Topic 8: Determine Source Control Strategies And How To Implement Them/ Monitoring And Logging
  • Topic 9: Determine Application And Infrastructure Deployment Models Based On Business Needs
  • Topic 10: Determine Deployment Services Based On Deployment Needs/ Determine How To Implement Lifecycle Hooks On A Deployment
  • Topic 11: Apply Concepts Required To Automate Monitoring And Event Management Of An Environment
  • Topic 12: Apply Security Concepts In The Automation Of Resource Provisioning/ Apply Concepts Required To Build And Manage Artifacts Securely
  • Topic 13: Determine How To Implement Tagging And Other Metadata Strategies/ Determine How To Optimize Cost Through Automation
  • Topic 14: Apply Concepts Required To Implement Governance Strategies/ Troubleshoot Issues And Determine How To Restore Operations
  • Topic 15: Apply Concepts Required To Audit, Log, And Monitor Operating Systems, Infrastructures, And Applications
  • Topic 16: Configuration Management And Infrastructure As Code/ Apply Concepts Required To Automate And Integrate Testing
  • Topic 17: Apply Concepts Required To Enforce Standards For Logging, Metrics, Monitoring, Testing, And Security
  • Topic 18: Apply Concepts Required To Automate A CI/CD Pipeline/ Policies And Standards Automation
  • Topic 19: Determine Deployment/Delivery Strategies/ Implement Them Using AWS Services Apply Concepts Required To Set Up Event-Driven Automated Actions/ Determine Appropriate Use Of Multi-AZ Versus Multi-Region Architectures
  • Topic 20: Determine How To Implement High Availability, Scalability, And Fault Tolerance/ Determine How To Automate Event Management And Alerting
  • Topic 21: Determine The Right Services Based On Business Needs/ Determine How To Design And Automate Disaster Recovery Strategies

Free Amazon DOP-C01 Exam Actual Questions

The questions for DOP-C01 were last updated On Nov. 25, 2021

Question #1

A DevOps engineer is creating a CI/CD pipeline for an Amazon ECS service. The ECS container instances run behind an Application Load Balancer as the web tier of a three-tier application. An acceptance criterion (or a successful deployment is the verification that the web tier can communicate with the database and middleware tiers of the application upon deployment.

How can this be accomplished in an automated fashion?

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Correct Answer: A

Question #2

A company wants to ensure that their EC2 instances are secure. They want to be notified if any new vulnerabilities are discovered on their instances, and they also want an audit trail of all login activities on the instances.

Which solution will meet these requirements?

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Correct Answer: D

Question #3

A company is using tagging to allocate AWS costs. The company has Amazon EC2 instances that run in Auto Scaling groups. The Amazon Elastic Block Store (Amazon EBS) volumes that are attached to the EC2 instances are being created without the appropriate cost center tags. A DevOps engineer must ensure that the new EBS volumes are properly tagged.

What is the MOST efficient solution that meets this requirement?

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Correct Answer: B

Question #4

A company wants to migrate a legacy application to AWS and develop a deployment pipeline that uses AWS services only. A DevOps engineer is migrating all of the application code from a Git repository to AWS CodeCommit while preserving the history of the repository. The DevOps engineer has set all the permissions within CodeCommit, installed the Git client and the AWS CLI on a local computer, and is ready to migrate the repository.

Which actions will follow?

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Correct Answer: D

Question #5

A company gives its employees limited rights to AWS. DevOps engineers have the ability to assume an administrator role. For tracking purposes, the security team wants to receive a near-real-time notification when the administrator role is assumed.

How should this be accomplished?

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Correct Answer: D

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