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VMware 2V0-51.23 Exam

Exam Name: VMware Horizon 8.x Professional
Exam Code: 2V0-51.23
Related Certification(s):
  • VMware Certified Professional VCP Certifications
  • VMware VCP Desktop Management VCP-DTM Certifications
Certification Provider: VMware
Number of 2V0-51.23 practice questions in our database: 89 (updated: Jun. 16, 2024)
Expected 2V0-51.23 Exam Topics, as suggested by VMware :
  • Topic 1: IT Architectures, Technologies, Standards
  • Topic 2: VMware Solution: It focuses on the specifications and benefits of a VMware Horizon solution. Moreover, the topic discusses various components and their use in a VMware Horizon solution. It also delves into conceptual and logical architecture of VMware Horizon.
  • Topic 3: Plan and Design the VMware Solution
  • Topic 4: Install, Configure, Administrate the VMware Solution: The topics delves into sub-topics of working with a Published Application, Horizon scalability options, Horizon protocols, Horizon Connection Server, and graphics cards in a Horizon solution. Furthermore, it focuses on working with VMware Horizon Desktop Pools, and VMware Horizon Clients, vSphere in a VMware Horizon solution, and VMware Horizon Desktops, Horizon Agent.
  • Topic 5: Troubleshoot and Optimize the VMware Solution: Sub-topics of this exam topic are related to performing repairing tasks is also part of the Troubleshoot and Optimize the VMware Solution exam topic. Moreover, it also discusses performing basic troubleshooting in this topic.
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Free VMware 2V0-51.23 Exam Actual Questions

Note: Premium Questions for 2V0-51.23 were last updated On Jun. 16, 2024 (see below)

Question #1

When integrating a Linux OS based desktop into Active Directory, which three of the following can be used? (Choose three.)

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Correct Answer: B, D, E

Integrating a Linux OS-based desktop into Active Directory can be achieved using Winbind for domain joining and authentication, Windows Domain Join through tools like Samba, and System Security Services Daemon (SSSD) for LDAP authentication against Active Directory. These methods enable Linux desktops to participate in a Windows-centric environment, allowing for centralized authentication and management.

Question #2

A Horizon Administrator is publishing an application which will be used by users across multiple Horizon pods and sites.

Which feature of Global Entitlements are beneficial to this scenario?

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Correct Answer: A

Global Entitlements in VMware Horizon allow for the aggregation of resources across multiple pods and sites into a single entitlement. This feature is particularly beneficial when publishing applications that are hosted across different pods, as it ensures that users see only one icon for the application, regardless of which pod it is hosted on, simplifying the user experience and administration of applications in a multi-pod Horizon environment.

Question #3

An administrator configured a virtual machine to use an NVIDIA card but the virtual machine is not starting up.

What could be the cause of the issue? (Choose two.)

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Correct Answer: C, D

When configuring a virtual machine to use an NVIDIA graphics card, issues such as the VM not starting can occur if there is no suitable host available that meets the requirements for 3D graphics, or if not all memory required by the 3D graphics card has been reserved for the VM. Ensuring that the host has the necessary 3D graphics capabilities and that the VM is configured with reserved memory can resolve these issues.

Question #4

An administrator needs to upgrade a Unified Access Gateway (UAG) appliance. The UAG is connected to a load balancer with other UAGs and has existing sessions.

Which option provided allows minimal downtime for maintenance?

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Correct Answer: A

Enabling Quiesce Mode in the Unified Access Gateway (UAG) Admin UI is the recommended approach for minimizing downtime during maintenance or upgrades when the UAG is part of a load-balanced cluster. Quiesce Mode allows the UAG to stop accepting new connections while allowing existing sessions to continue until they naturally end. This ensures minimal disruption to users and allows for a controlled upgrade process.

Question #5

A Horizon administrator does not see the health status for the Unified Access Gateways (UAG) they configured in the Horizon Console.

What two options could be causing the issue? (Choose two.)

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Correct Answer: B, E

If the Horizon Console does not display the health status of configured Unified Access Gateways (UAGs), it could be due to improper firewall configuration blocking traffic on port 443, which is essential for secure communication. Additionally, a discrepancy between the system name in UAG and the name entered in the Horizon Console can also prevent the console from correctly retrieving and displaying the UAG's health status.

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