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VMware 2V0-41.23 Exam Questions

Exam Name: VMware NSX 4.x Professional
Exam Code: 2V0-41.23
Related Certification(s):
  • VMware Certified Professional VCP Certifications
  • VMware VCP Network Virtualization VCP-NV Certifications
Certification Provider: VMware
Actual Exam Duration: 135 Minutes
Number of 2V0-41.23 practice questions in our database: 107 (updated: 03-07-2024)
Expected 2V0-41.23 Exam Topics, as suggested by VMware :
  • Topic 1: VMware Solution: The topic covers VMware Virtual Cloud Network, NSX, NSX Management Cluster, NSX UI, data plane, logical switching, logical switching packet forwarding, segments, logical routing, NSX Edge, Edge Clusters, and Tier-0 and Tier-1 Gateways. Moreover, its sub-topics focus on routing, ECMP, high availability, logical routing packet walk, logical bridging, NSX segmentation, distributed firewall, distributed firewall on VDS, NSX Gateway Firewall, Intrusion Detection, and Prevention. In addition, the topic discusses concepts of NSX Application Platform, malware prevention, NSX Intelligence, NSX Network Detection and Response, NAT, DHCP, DNS, NSX Advanced Load Balancer, IPSec VPN, and L2 VPN. Lastly, the topic discusses integration of NSX with LDAP and NSX with VMware Identity Manager.
  • Topic 2: Install, Configure, Administrate the VMware Solution: Questions about NSX infrastructure, segments, NSX Edge Nodes, Tier-1 gateway, VMware NSX implementation, VMware NSX environment, Virtual Private Networks, NSX Advanced Load Balancer, and Network Address Translation. Moreover, the topic explains sub-topics related to malware prevention, NSX Application Platform, Intrusion Detection, NSX Gateway Firewall, and NSX Distributed Firewall.
  • Topic 3: Troubleshoot and Optimize the VMware Solution: It focuses on using log files for the troubleshooting of issues, identifying available tools for troubleshooting issues, and troubleshooting of common NSX issues.
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14 days ago
Passed the VMware NSX 4.x Pro exam with flying colors! Pass4Success's practice tests were key. Appreciate the efficient prep!
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25 days ago
I recently passed the VMware NSX 4.x Professional exam with the help of Pass4Success practice questions. The exam covered topics such as logical switching, logical routing, NSX Edge, and NSX Gateway Firewall. One question that stood out to me was related to the configuration of Tier-0 and Tier-1 Gateways. Despite being unsure of the answer, I managed to pass the exam successfully.
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26 days ago
Don't forget to brush up on NSX-T Federation concepts. You may encounter questions about configuring and managing multi-site deployments. Understanding the Global Manager and its interaction with Local Managers is crucial. Thanks to Pass4Success, I was well-prepared for these topics and passed the exam.
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29 days ago
VMware NSX 4.x Professional certification achieved! Pass4Success, your exam prep was invaluable. Thanks for the quick turnaround!
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2 months ago
Nailed the VMware NSX 4.x Pro exam! Pass4Success's materials were a lifesaver. Grateful for the relevant practice questions!
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4 months ago
Just passed the VMware NSX 4.x Professional exam! Pass4Success's practice questions were spot-on. Thanks for helping me prepare so quickly!
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Free VMware 2V0-41.23 Exam Actual Questions

Note: Premium Questions for 2V0-41.23 were last updated On 03-07-2024 (see below)

Question #1

Which table on an ESXi host is used to determine the location of a particular workload for a frame-forwarding decision?

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Correct Answer: B

The MAC table on an ESXi host is used to determine the location of a particular workload for a frame-forwarding decision. The MAC table maps the MAC addresses of the workloads to their corresponding tunnel endpoint (TEP) IP addresses. The TEP IP address identifies the ESXi host where the workload resides. The MAC table is populated by learning the source MAC addresses of the incoming frames from the workloads. The MAC table is also synchronized with other ESXi hosts in the same transport zone by using the NSX Controller.

Question #2

The security administrator turns on logging for a firewall rule.

Where is the log stored on an ESXi transport node?

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Correct Answer: C

The log for a firewall rule on an ESXi transport node is stored in the /var/log/dfwpktlogs.log file. This file contains information about the packets that match or do not match the firewall rules, such as the source and destination IP addresses, ports, protocols, actions, and rule IDs. The log file can be viewed using the esxcli network firewall get command or the vSphere Client.

Question #3

Which two commands does an NSX administrator use to check the IP address of the VMkernel port for the Geneve protocol on the ESXi transport node? (Choose two.)

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Question #4

Which two steps must an NSX administrator take to integrate VMware Identity Manager in NSX to support role-based access control? (Choose two.)

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