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UiPath-ABAv1 Exam

Exam Name: UiPath Certified Professional Automation Business Analyst Professional v1.0
Exam Code: UiPath-ABAv1
Related Certification(s): UiPath Certified Professional Automation Business Analyst Certification
Certification Provider: UiPath
Number of UiPath-ABAv1 practice questions in our database: 60 (updated: Jun. 02, 2024)
Expected UiPath-ABAv1 Exam Topics, as suggested by UiPath :
  • Topic 1: Business Knowledge: This topic focuses on understanding business process automation (BPA) and its value proposition, as well as exploring key concepts related to business processes.
  • Topic 2: Platform Knowledge: It delves into UiPath products and their uses, including Studio types, Robot types, Orchestrator, and Integration Service. Additionally, it discusses the value of components within the UiPath Ecosystem.
  • Topic 3: Studio Interface: Here, the topic covers installing Studio Community Edition, connecting to Orchestrator, and navigating the Studio interface. It also includes explanations of different Studio profiles, management of packages, use of activity project settings, and the use of options in the Studio Backstage view.
  • Topic 4: Variables and Arguments: This topic explores data types and how they're utilized, along with creating, managing, and using variables and arguments. It also addresses the differences between variables, arguments, global constants, and global variables.
  • Topic 5: Control Flow: Control Flow activities, workflow types, and Flowchart layouts are discussed here, along with the usage of IF, Flow Decision, Switch activities, While, Do While, and For Each.
  • Topic 6: Debugging: Debugging modes, actions, breakpoints, and debugging panels are explained in this topic, along with using Profile Execution features to improve project execution performance.
  • Topic 7: Exception Handling: This topic covers using Try Catch, Throw, Rethrow, and Retry Scope activities.
  • Topic 8: Logging: This topic addresses interpreting robot execution logs and implementing logging best practices during development for effective debugging and analysis.
  • Topic 9: UI Automation: UI Automation principles, including modern and classic design experiences, are discussed alongside utilizing modern recorder and input/output activities.
  • Topic 10: Object Repository: Creation, publication, and consumption of UI libraries with static and dynamic descriptors are covered in this section.
  • Topic 11: Excel Automation: It explains Excel Automation principles and modern Excel integration including reading, writing, and manipulating Excel files. Additionally, the topic focuses on the usage of the Excel Workbook activities.
  • Topic 12: Email Automation: Handling emails via IMAP, POP3, SMTP, and integrating with Microsoft and Gmail are covered in this section. It also discusses the usage of Microsoft 365 and Gsuite packages.
  • Topic 13: PDF Automation: It discusses extracting data from native and scanned PDFs. Moreover, the topic focuses on different techniques for working with PDF documents.
  • Topic 14: Working with Files and Folders: Creating, managing, and iterating through local files and folders are covered here.
  • Topic 15: Data Manipulation: String manipulation, array operations, list initialization, dictionary usage, and DataTable operations are discussed in this topic.
  • Topic 16: Version Control Integration: It focuses on utilizing Git integration in Studio to add a project, clone a repository is explained, including common Git operations.
  • Topic 17: Libraries and Templates: Creating, publishing, and consuming process libraries, as well as working with templates, are discussed here.
  • Topic 18: Workflow Analyzer: This topic covers the use of Workflow Analysis, along with configuring Workflow Analyzer settings.
  • Topic 19: Implementation Methodology: Understanding project implementation stages, interpreting PDDs and SDDs, and conducting peer reviews are discussed here.
  • Topic 20: Orchestrator: Understanding Orchestrator entities, tenant entities, provisioning robots, defining roles, and utilizing logging features are covered in this topic.
  • Topic 21: Integration Service: This topic explains Integration Service, use of integration service connectors, triggers, and the Integration Service Connector Builder.
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Free UiPath UiPath-ABAv1 Exam Actual Questions

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Question #1

What is the difference between Data Labeling and Document Manager?

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Correct Answer: C

Question #2

Which of the below options best applies to the role of the Business Analyst?

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Correct Answer: C

Question #3

In the pilot phase for automation, what is the activity that should be done when selecting the use cases?

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Correct Answer: B

Question #4

Which of the below options best applies to the role of the Business Analyst?

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Correct Answer: C

Question #5

Which of the following needs to be filled in the Process Assessment Tool?

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Correct Answer: A

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