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Splunk SPLK-1003 Exam

Certification Provider: Splunk
Exam Name: Splunk Enterprise Certified Admin
Number of questions in our database: 138
Exam Version: Dec. 07, 2021
SPLK-1003 Exam Official Topics:
  • Topic 1: Splunk Admin Basics/ Identify Splunk Componen/ License Management/ Identify License Types/ Understand License Violations
  • Topic 2: Splunk Configuration Files/ Describe Splunk Configuration Directory Structure/ Understand Configuration Layering/ Understand Configuration Precedence
  • Topic 3: Use btool to Examine Configuration Settings/ Splunk Indexes/ Describe Index Structure/ List Types of Index Buckets/ Check Index Data Integrity/ Describe Indexes.conf Options
  • Topic 4: Describe the Fishbucket/ Apply a Data Retention Policy/ Splunk User Management/ Describe User Roles in Splunk/ Create a Custom Role/ Add Splunk Users
  • Topic 5: Splunk Authentication Management/ Integrate Splunk with LDAP/ List Other User Authentication Options/ Describe the Steps to Enable Multifactor Authentication in Splunk
  • Topic 6: Describe the Basic Settings for an Input/ List Splunk Forwarder Types/ Configure the Forwarder/ Add an Input to UF Using CLI
  • Topic 7: Describe How Distributed Search Works/ Explain the Roles of the Search Head and Search Peers/ Configure a Distributed Search Group/ List Search Head Scaling Options
  • Topic 8: List the Three Phases of the Splunk Indexing Process/ List Splunk Input Options
  • Topic 9: Identify Additional Forwarder Options/ Explain the Use of Deployment Management/ Describe Splunk Deployment Server/ Manage Forwarders Using Deployment Apps
  • Topic 10: Configure Deployment Clients/ Create File and Directory Monitor Inputs/ Use Optional Settings for Monitor Inputs/ Describe Optional Settings for Network Inputs
  • Topic 11: Deploy a Remote Monitor Input/ Network and Scripted Inputs/ Create Network (TCP and UDP) Inputs/ Identify Windows Input Types and Uses/ Create a Basic Scripted Input
  • Topic 12: Describe HTTP Event Collector/ Understand the Default Processing that Occurs During Input Phase/ Configure Input Phase Options, Such as Sourcetype Fine-Tuning and Character Set Encoding
  • Topic 13: Parsing Phase and Data/ Understand the Default Processing that Occurs During Parsing/ Optimize and Configure Event Line Breaking/ Explain How Timestamps and Time Zones are Extracted or Assigned to Events
  • Topic 14: Manipulating Raw Data/ Use Data Preview to Validate Event Creation During the Parsing Phase/ Explain How Data Transformations are Defined and Invoked
  • Topic 15: Mask or Delete Raw Data as it is being Indexed/ Override Sourcetype or Host Based Upon Event Values/ Route Events to Specific Indexes Based on Event Content

Free Splunk SPLK-1003 Exam Actual Questions

The questions for SPLK-1003 were last updated On Dec. 07, 2021

Question #1

Which data pipeline phase is the last opportunity for defining event boundaries?

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Question #2

Where are deployment server apps mapped to clients?

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Correct Answer: C


'Use serverclass.conf to define server classes' 'The most important settings define the set of deployment clients and the set of apps for each server class.'

Question #3

Which of the following is a valid distributed search group?

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Correct Answer: D

Question #4

Which of the following types of data count against the license daily quota?

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Correct Answer: B

Question #5

Which Splunk indexer operating system platform is supported when sending logs from a Windows universal forwarder?

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Correct Answer: A

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