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Snowflake ARA-C01 Exam

Exam Name: SnowPro Advanced: Architect Certification Exam
Exam Code: ARA-C01
Related Certification(s): Snowflake SnowPro Certification Certification
Certification Provider: Snowflake
Actual Exam Duration: 115 Minutes
Number of ARA-C01 practice questions in our database: 155 (updated: Jun. 10, 2024)
Expected ARA-C01 Exam Topics, as suggested by Snowflake :
  • Topic 1: Design data sharing solutions, based on different use cases/ Determine the appropriate data transformation solution to meet business needs
  • Topic 2: Design a Snowflake account and database strategy, based on business requirements/ Troubleshoot performance issues with existing architectures
  • Topic 3: Outline the benefits and limitations of various data models in a Snowflake environment/ Outline key tools in Snowflake?s ecosystem and how they interact with Snowflake
  • Topic 4: Outline performance tools, best practices, and appropriate scenarios where they should be applied/ Determine the appropriate data recovery solution in Snowflake and how data can be restored
  • Topic 5: Determine the appropriate data loading or data unloading solution to meet business needs/ Design an architecture that meets data security, privacy, compliance, and governance requirements
  • Topic 6: Create architecture solutions that support Development Lifecycles as well as workload requirements/ Outline Snowflake security principles and identify use cases where they should be applied
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Free Snowflake ARA-C01 Exam Actual Questions

Note: Premium Questions for ARA-C01 were last updated On Jun. 10, 2024 (see below)

Question #1

An Architect is implementing a CI/CD process. When attempting to clone a table from a production to a development environment, the cloning operation fails.

What could be causing this to happen?

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Correct Answer: B

Cloning a table with a masking policy can cause the cloning operation to fail because the masking policy is not automatically cloned with the table. This is due to the fact that the masking policy is considered a separate object with its own set of privileges1.

Snowflake Documentation on Cloning Considerations1.

Question #2

Role A has the following permissions:

. USAGE on db1

. USAGE and CREATE VIEW on schemal in db1

. SELECT on tablel in schemal

Role B has the following permissions:

. USAGE on db2

. USAGE and CREATE VIEW on schema2 in db2

. SELECT on table2 in schema2

A user has Role A set as the primary role and Role B as a secondary role.

What command will fail for this user?

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Correct Answer: B

Question #3

What actions are permitted when using the Snowflake SQL REST API? (Select TWO).

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Correct Answer: D, E

Question #4

An Architect with the ORGADMIN role wants to change a Snowflake account from an Enterprise edition to a Business Critical edition.

How should this be accomplished?

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Correct Answer: D

To change the edition of a Snowflake account, an organization administrator (ORGADMIN) cannot directly alter the account settings through SQL commands or the Snowflake interface. The proper procedure is to contact Snowflake Support to request an edition change for the account. This ensures that the change is managed correctly and aligns with Snowflake's operational protocols.

Question #5

A company has built a data pipeline using Snowpipe to ingest files from an Amazon S3 bucket. Snowpipe is configured to load data into staging database tables. Then a task runs to load the data from the staging database tables into the reporting database tables.

The company is satisfied with the availability of the data in the reporting database tables, but the reporting tables are not pruning effectively. Currently, a size 4X-Large virtual warehouse is being used to query all of the tables in the reporting database.

What step can be taken to improve the pruning of the reporting tables?

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Correct Answer: C

Effective pruning in Snowflake relies on the organization of data within micro-partitions. By using an ORDER BY clause with clustering keys when loading data into the reporting tables, Snowflake can better organize the data within micro-partitions. This organization allows Snowflake to skip over irrelevant micro-partitions during a query, thus improving query performance and reducing the amount of data scanned12.

* Snowflake Documentation on micro-partitions and data clustering2

* Community article on recognizing unsatisfactory pruning and improving it1

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