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Slack Certified Admin Exam

Certification Provider: Slack
Exam Name: Slack Certified Admin Exam
Duration: 90 Minutes
Number of questions in our database: 60
Exam Version: Apr. 04, 2024
Exam Official Topics:
  • Topic 1: Define and explain the use case for different types of channels in Slack/ Identify the Slack plan that best solves for common business needs
  • Topic 2: Recommend when to delete versus archive a channel/ Identify which settings are managed from the workspace and org-wide admin dashboards
  • Topic 3: Describe the benefits of connecting the productivity tools your company uses every day with Slack/ List the benefits of claiming relevant domains for your Enterprise Grid org
  • Topic 4: Describe what settings or policy changes will increase transparency and collaboration on Slack/ List and explain the key differences between all nine Slack user roles
  • Topic 5: Identify appropriate resources to enable your members in Slack product skills/ Describe the common administrative responsibilities of a Slack admin
  • Topic 6: Explain key considerations and consequences of workspace consolidation for both an admin and members/ Explain the benefits of an admin request channel
  • Topic 7: Determine if an app meets your organization?s needs and security policies/ Recall the four settings for workspace visibility, as well as the use case for each
  • Topic 8: Recommend the best authentication process to meet your organization?s needs/ Explain how Slack prioritizes security governance, risk management and compliance
  • Topic 9: Identify the benefits and drawbacks of the different methods available to create user accounts/ Build a champion network to help lead teammates in using Slack effectively
  • Topic 10: Describe the importance of channel naming guidelines and how to implement these at your organization/ Use the Slack analytics dashboard to track metrics for success and make informed decisions
  • Topic 11: Determine when you should create a workspace or a channel to meet the needs of your organization/ Explain the different methods of deactivating user accounts
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Free Slack Slack Certified Admin Exam Exam Actual Questions

The questions for Slack Certified Admin Exam were last updated On Apr. 04, 2024

Question #1

Lindy leads an internal communications team.

Her team wants to use public channels to gain more transparency in their internal communication. Employees currently tend to default to private channels/direct messages out of habit. Lindy needs to show employees the benefits of public channels.

Which initiative should Lindy proceed with to drive behavioral change?

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Correct Answer: B

Question #2

Anna, a Workspace Owner, has decided to restrict channel creation in her workspace to Workspace Admins only. This will allow her and the other Workspace Admins to enforce channel naming conventions.

What are two best practices Workspace Admins should follow in this scenario? (Choose two.)

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Correct Answer: A, C

Question #3

Britt is a Workspace Admin who created a public channel called #bread-buds for co-workers who enjoy bread- making.

The company has had new team members join, and the conversation has become more general about all types of carbohydrates. Britt decides it's time to expand the channel. Rather than rename it, Britt creates a new channel #carbohydrate-chats to be inclusive and start fresh with activity. At the same time, Britt want to keep #bread-buds so the team can reference baking instructions that have been gathered over the past few years, but she doesn't want anyone posting in it.

What should Britt do?

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Correct Answer: A

Question #4

A company has recently implemented Slack, and many teams have started to use it instead of email. Admins want to help members be more productive in Slack without overwhelming them with too much training.

Which of the below would be the most effective way to increase members' productivity in Slack?

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Correct Answer: A

Question #5

Teara is a Workspace Owner. She has discovered that projects and key decisions are being discussed via direct messages, because public channel message retention settings are set to delete messages after 20 days. The decision regarding this setting was made 2 years ago, and now the setting is no longer required.

Team members are experiencing difficulty creating channels. Teara is wondering if there are other settings she should review that might be contributing to the direct message conversations.

Which settings and permissions should Teara change to promote increased communication outside of direct messages?

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Correct Answer: A

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