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SCP SC0-502 Exam Questions

Exam Name: Security Certified Program
Exam Code: SC0-502 SCP
Related Certification(s): SCP SAP Security Certified Network Architect SCNA Certification
Certification Provider: SCP
Actual Exam Duration: 60 Minutes
Number of SC0-502 practice questions in our database: 28 (updated: Jul. 12, 2024)
Expected SC0-502 Exam Topics, as suggested by SCP :
  • Topic 1: Which type of Syslog message indicates the lowest severity level
  • Topic 2: Which protocol is the most secure for establishing remote terminal access to a system
  • Topic 3: Which aspect of network monitoring typically causes a network management system (NMS) database
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10 days ago
Just passed the SCP exam! Cryptography was a key focus. Expect questions on encryption algorithms and key management. Study symmetric vs. asymmetric encryption thoroughly. Thanks to Pass4Success for the spot-on practice questions that helped me prepare quickly!
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14 days ago
I recently passed the SCP Security Certified Program exam with the help of Pass4Success practice questions. The exam experience was challenging but rewarding, and I felt well-prepared thanks to the practice questions. One question that stood out to me was about the lowest severity level of Syslog messages, which I was unsure of at first, but managed to answer correctly in the end.
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Free SCP SC0-502 Exam Actual Questions

Note: Premium Questions for SC0-502 were last updated On Jul. 12, 2024 (see below)

Question #1

You go back through your notes to the day that you recommended that the company get a firewall in place. Red had been convinced that the ISP protected the network, and that a firewall was too much technology on top of the router. Now that you have been given this responsibility, and since you have configured the router already, you wish to get the firewall in place as quickly as possible. You meet quickly with the CEO and mention that the network currently has no firewall, a serious problem. You inform the CEO that this must be fixed immediately, and that you have several firewall options. For this one instance, the CEO tells you to build the best solution; the decision is not going to be based on direct cost. Based on your knowledge of and the information you have from MegaCorp, select the best solution to th organization firewall problem:}

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Correct Answer: E

Question #2

It has been quite some time since you were called in to address the network and security needs of MegaCorp. You feel good in what you have accomplished so far. You have been able to get MegaCorp to deal with their Security Policy issue, you have secured the router, added a firewall, added intrusion detection, hardened the Operating Systems, and more. One thing you have not done however, is run active testing against the network

from the outside. This next level of testing is the final step, you decide, in wrapping up this first stage of the new MegaCorp network and security system. You setup a meeting with the CEO to discuss. "We have only one significant issue left to deal with here at MegaCorp," you begin. "We need some really solid testing of our network and our security systems." "Sounds fine to me, don't you do that all the time anyway? I mean, why meet about this?" "Well, in this case, I'd like to ask to bring in outside help. Folks who specialize in this sort of thing. I can do some of it, but it is not my specialty, and the outside look in will be better and more independent from an outside team." "What does that kind of thing cost, how long will it take?" "It will cost a bit of money, it won't be free, and with a network of our size, I think it can be done pretty quick. Once this is done and wrapped up, I will be resigning as the full time security and network pro here. I need to get back to my consulting company full time. Remember, this was not to be a permanent deal. I can help you with the interview, and this is the perfect time to wrap up that transition." "All right, fair enough. Get me your initial project estimates, and then I can make a more complete decision. And, Il get HR on hiring a new person right away." Later that afternoon you talk to the CEO and determine a budget for the testing. Once you get back to your office, you are calling different firms and consultants, and eventually you find a consulting group that you will work with. A few days later you meet with the group in their office, and you describe what you are looking for, and that their contact and person to report to is you. They ask what is off limits, and your response is only that they cannot do anything illegal, to which they agree and point out is written in their agreement as well. With this outside consulting group and your knowledge of the network and company, review and select the solution that will best provide for a complete test of the security of MegaCorp.}

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Correct Answer: A

Question #3

GlobalCorp is a company that makes state of the art aircraft for commercial and government use. Recently GlobalCorp has been working on the next generation of low orbit space vehicles, again for both commercial and governmental markets. GlobalCorp has corporate headquarters in Testbed, Nevada, USA. Testbed is a small town, with a population of less than 50,000 people. GlobalCorp is the largest company in town, where most families have at least one family member working there. The corporate office in Testbed has 4,000 total employees, on a 40-acre campus environment. The largest buildings are the manufacturing plants, which are right next to the Research and Development labs. The manufacturing plants employee approximately 1,000 people and the RD labs employ 500 people. There is one executive building, where approximately 500 people work. The rest of the employees work in Marketing, Accounting, Press and Investor Relations, and so on. The entire complex has a vast underground complex of tunnels that connect each building. All critical functions are run from the Testbed office, with remote offices around the world. The remote offices are involved in marketing and sales of GlobalCorp products. These offices also perform maintenance on the GlobalCorp aircraft and will occasionally perform RD and on-site manufacturing. There are 5 remote offices, located in:

New York, California, Japan, India, and England. Each of the remote offices has a dedicated T3 line to the GlobalCorp HQ, and all network traffic is routed through the Testbed office the remote offices do not have direct Internet connections. You had been working for two years in the New York office, and have been interviewing for the lead security architect position in Testbed. The lead security architect reports directly to the Chief Security Officer (CSO), who calls you to let you know that you got the job. You are to report to Testbed in one month, just in time for the annual meeting, and in the meantime you review the overview of the GlobalCorp network: Your first day in GlobalCorp Testbed, you get your office setup, move your things in place, and about the time you turn on your laptop, there is a knock on your door. It is Orange, the Chief Security Officer, who informs you that there is a meeting that you need to attend in a half an hour. With your laptop in hand, you come to the meeting, and are introduced to everyone. Orange begins the meeting with a discussion on the current state of security in GlobalCorp. "For several years now, we have constantly been spending more and more money on our network defense, and I feel confident that we are currently well defended." Orange, puts a picture on the wall projecting the image of the network, and then continues, "We have firewalls at each critical point, we have separate Internet access for our public systems, and all traffic is routed through our controlled access points. So, with all this, you might be wondering why I have concern." At this point a few people seem to nod in agreement. For years, GlobalCorp has been at the forefront of perimeter defense and security. Most in the meeting are not aware that there is much else that could be done. Blue continues, "Some of you know this, for the rest it is new news: MassiveCorp is moving their offices to the town right next to us here. Now, as you all know, MassiveCorp has been trying to build their orbital systems up to our standards for years and have never been able to do so. So, from a security point of view, I am concerned." This is news to most people, Yellow, the Vice President of Research asks, "We have the best in firewalls, we have the best in you and your systems, what are you suggesting?" The meeting continues for some time, with Orange leading the discussion on a whole new set of technologies currently not used in the network. After some time, it is agreed upon that GlobalCorp will migrate to a trusted networking environment. The following week, Orange informs you that you will be working directly together on the development of the planning and design of the trusted network. The network is going to run a full PKI, with all clients and servers in the network using digital certificates. You are grateful that in the past two years, Orange has had all the systems changed to be running only Windows 2000, both server and professional systems, running Active Directory. You think the consistent platform will make the PKI roll out easier. The entire GlobalCorp network is running Active Directory, with the domain structure as in the following list: Although you will be working in the Testbed office, the plan you develop will need to include the entire GlobalCorp organization. Based on this information, select the solution that describes the best plan for the new trusted network of GlobalCorp:}

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Correct Answer: B

Question #4

Blue thanks you for your plan and design and took it into consideration. You are then informed that Orange has gone ahead and made a new plan, which will incorporate some of your suggestions, but is going to build the network a bit differently. In Testbed and in each remote office there will be a single self-sufficient CA hierarchy, one that is designed to directly integrate with the existing network. Orange mentions that the hierarchy is only to go two-levels deep, you are not to make an extensive hierarchy in any location. This means a distinct CA hierarchy in six locations, inclusive of the Testbed headquarters. Using this information, choose the solution that will provide for the proper rollout of the Certificate Authorities in the network.}

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Correct Answer: D

Question #5

Now that you have a fully functioning CA hierarchy in each location, and that the trusted network is well underway, you are called in to meet with Orange. Orange comes into the room, and you talk to one another for a while. It seems that now with the CA hierarchy in place, you need to plan the certificate rollout for the individual users and computers in the network. Since this is the executive building, Orange places higher security requirements here than on the other buildings. Certificates need to be issued to all the entities, computers and users, in the network. Orange has decided that for all senior level management, the process for certificate issuance should be even more secure than the rest of the deployment. Based on this information, and you understanding of the GlobalCorp environment, choose the best solution to assigning certificates to the computers and users of the trusted network in the Executive building:}

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Correct Answer: C

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