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Salesforce Certified Marketing Associate Exam

Certification Provider: Salesforce
Exam Name: Salesforce Certified Marketing Associate
Number of questions in our database: 44
Exam Version: Feb. 23, 2024
Exam Official Topics:
  • Topic 1: Marketing Concepts: The topic covers sub-topics of summarizing the type of content. It also discusses how to send messages to target audience segments based on customer experience scenarios. Furthermore, the topic delves into core marketing strategy components, implementing effective email opt-in marketing campaigns, defining email campaign goals, and recalling regional privacy laws pertaining to subscriber base.
  • Topic 2: Marketing Cloud Engagement Basics: The Marketing Cloud Engagement Basics topic discusses account structures, business units, and corresponding permission setups. It also covers application of core Marketing Cloud Engagement features for marketing campaigns, differentiating subscriber keys and contact IDs, and utilizing Salesforce resources for training and support.
  • Topic 3: Email Sending and Journeys: It focuses on outlining the most important configurations and activating journeys with proper entry requirements. The topic also covers sub-topics of identifying optimal journey functionality for diverse business needs, and identifying the recommended configuration and distinguishing template components from content blocks to recommend email wizard settings.
  • Topic 4: Data Management: The Data Management topic discusses interpreting data extensions to identify target data and summarizing data import options with associated requirements per scenarios. It also covers configuration of settings and fields when creating new data extensions.
  • Topic 5: Reporting and Analytics: This topic focuses on identification of data locations within Marketing Cloud Engagement. It also delves into interpreting unwanted send results and potential deliverability consequences.

Free Salesforce Salesforce Certified Marketing Associate Exam Actual Questions

The questions for Salesforce Certified Marketing Associate were last updated On Feb. 23, 2024

Question #1

Cloud Kicks (CK) has a very important new product launch coming up. CK has built an informative email to maximize awareness and interest. Management refused a giveaway as part of the campaign, but not deep discounts.

Which potential option violates CAN-SPAM specifications on subject lines?

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Correct Answer: C

Option C, 'You may have just won a $500 gift card!', potentially violates CAN-SPAM specifications on subject lines because it can be considered misleading or deceptive. CAN-SPAM regulations require that subject lines accurately reflect the content of the email. Misleading subject lines that imply the recipient has won a prize when this is not the case can lead to violations of these regulations, potentially resulting in penalties. It's crucial for marketing communications to be transparent and not mislead recipients about the nature of the email content.

Question #2

A marketing associate wants to test which subject line results in the most email opens for the first email sent in an abandoned cart journey.

Which Journey Builder feature supports this subject line test?

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Correct Answer: B

To test which subject line results in the most email opens for the first email sent in an abandoned cart journey, the marketing associate should utilize the A/B Test feature in Journey Builder. This feature allows for the creation of different versions of an email with varying subject lines, which can then be tested on a segment of the journey's audience. The version that performs the best in terms of open rate can be determined through this test, and that subject line can then be used for the remainder of the journey's audience to optimize engagement.

Question #3

Northern Trail Outfitters uses multiple IP addresses for email sending and needs to designate which IP address should be used.

Which functionality should a marketing associate utilize?

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Correct Answer: A

When Northern Trail Outfitters needs to designate which IP address should be used for email sending among multiple IP addresses, the marketing associate should utilize the Delivery Profile functionality. A Delivery Profile in Salesforce Marketing Cloud includes settings that define how emails are delivered, including the selection of the specific IP address to be used for sending. This ensures that emails are sent from the desired IP address, which can be important for maintaining sender reputation and deliverability.

Question #4

Northern Trail Outfitters has many email sends and wants to create a data extension to gather this information.

Which template type will generate the email send in the data extension?

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Correct Answer: C

To gather information on many email sends and create a data extension for this purpose, the marketing associate should use the Send Logging template. Send Logging in Salesforce Marketing Cloud is a feature that captures send-time information for each email sent, including subscriber data, send data, and email content. This information is stored in a Send Logging data extension, providing a detailed record of email sends that can be used for analysis, reporting, and further segmentation.

Question #5

A marketing associate needs to set up a promotional email for Cloud Kicks within the email send flow.

Which CAN-SPAM classification should the associate use?

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Correct Answer: A

For setting up a promotional email within the email send flow for Cloud Kicks, the associate should use the 'Commercial' CAN-SPAM classification. This classification is used for emails that primarily contain advertising or promotional content, which is the case for a promotional email. Using the correct classification ensures compliance with CAN-SPAM Act requirements, such as providing a clear way for recipients to opt-out of future emails and including the sender's valid physical postal address in the email.

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