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Salesforce Platform Developer II Exam

Certification Provider: Salesforce
Exam Name: Platform Developer II
Number of questions in our database: 396
Exam Version: May. 06, 2022
Exam Official Topics:
  • Topic 1: Apply techniques and tools for testing Visualforce controllers and controller extensions/ Outline the benefits of adopting a low-code approach in Salesforce
  • Topic 2: Analyze a set of requirements and determine the benefits of using asynchronous or batch Apex coding/ Demonstrate knowledge of the localization features and capabilities and how they affect coding
  • Topic 3: Compare and contrast the usage of Visualforce and Apex controllers/ Describe the use cases for and benefits of external IDs
  • Topic 4: Identify how an Apex method can be made available for use by Lightning Web Components/ Determine if a declarative or custom-coded solution should be implemented
  • Topic 5: Identify inefficiencies and demonstrate the ability to resolve them/ identify the considerations of interactions between multiple processes Describe the purpose and benefit of static resources in both Visualforce and Lightning Components/ Iand justify where Apex managed sharing should be used
  • Topic 6: Apex code or trigger that is not performing as expected/ Identify use cases for different types of custom metadata and custom settings
  • Topic 7: Demonstrate knowledge of the best practices for writing Apex triggers/ Identify the keywords used in a SOQL query and explain where they're used in a query's structure
  • Topic 8: Select scenarios where code reuse is applicable and how the reuse should be implemented/ Describe the Apex features available for error handling and maintaining transactional integrity
  • Topic 9: Describe the messaging techniques and best practices when displaying errors in user interfaces/ Differentiate DML statements and types of database events
  • Topic 10: Given a set of requirements, choose the appropriate integration technique/ Given a scenario, formulate the deployment process, supporting tools, and mechanisms
  • Topic 11: Identify the appropriate dynamic Apex feature to use in the solution/ Given a scenario, propose and justify the optimal programmatic or declarative solution

Free Salesforce Platform Developer II Exam Actual Questions

The questions for Platform Developer II were last updated On May. 06, 2022

Question #1

A developer is creating a page in App Builder that will be used in the Salesforce mobile app.

Which two practices should the developer follow to ensure the page operates with optimal performance?

Choose 2 answers

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Correct Answer: B, D

Question #2

Universal Containers wants to use a Customer Community with Customer Community Plus licenses to allow their customers access to track how many containers they have rented and when they are due back. Universal Containers uses a Private sharing model for External users.

Many of their customers are multi-national corporations with complex Account hierarchies. Each account on the hierarchy represents a department within the same business.

One of the requirements is to allow certain community users within the same Account hierarchy to see several departments' containers, based on a custom junction object that relates the Contact to the various Account records that represent the departments.

Which solution solves these requirements?

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Correct Answer: C

Question #3

What are three reasons that a developer should write Jest tests for Lightning web components?

Choose 3 answers

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Correct Answer: B, D, E

Question #4

A developer is building a Lightning web component to get data from an Apex method called getData that takes a parameter, name. The data should be retrieved when the user clicks the Load Data button.


What must be added to get the data?

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Correct Answer: C

Question #5

Consider the following code snippet:

A developer needs to built an interactive Aura component that responds to the user's input by hiding or showing sections according the user preferences.

What are two best practices the developer can implement to hide or show the powerVserView and s-rar.daraVserView inner components, based on the value of the attribute isPowexUser?

Choose 2 answers




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Correct Answer: B

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