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Salesforce Integration Architecture Designer Exam

Certification Provider: Salesforce
Exam Name: Integration Architecture Designer
Duration: 105 Minutes
Number of questions in our database: 106
Exam Version: Jan. 13, 2022
Exam Official Topics:
  • Topic 1: Salesforce Integration Capabilities/ Given a Scenario, Identify, Isolate, and Recommend Approaches for Integration Challenges
  • Topic 2: Salesforce Integration Patterns/ Compare and Contrast the Advantages and Drawbacks
  • Topic 3: Provided an Integration Scenario, Describe Requirements and Issues that the Architect Must Consider to Select the Right Pattern
  • Topic 4: In a Customer Scenario Containing Business Requirements, Summarize Which Implementation Pattern will Achieve Those Goals
  • Topic 5: Compare and Contrast the Advantages and Drawbacks/ Remote Process Invocation—Request and Reply
  • Topic 6: Remote Process Invocation—Fire and Forget, Batch Data Synchronization, Remote Call-In, and UI Update Based on Data Changes
  • Topic 7: Given a Customer Scenario Containing Business Requirements for Integrating Salesforce With Other Enterprise Back-Office Systems, Recommend the Appropriate Integration Architecture
  • Topic 8: Analyze and Determine When and Where to use Data Cleaning, Standardization, Deduplication, and Data Transformation as Part of Data Integration
  • Topic 9: Analyze and Determine the Various Considerations While Performing Data Migration/ Integrating with Salesforce Security
  • Topic 10: Given a Software Development Lifecycle Scenario, Determine the Timing, Type, and Sequence of Testing Activities That are Needed for Successful Implementation
  • Topic 11: Given a Scenario, Determine the Appropriate Tools to Meet the Customer Requirements/ Given a Scenario, Determine the Appropriate Security Strategy to Meet the Customer Requirements
  • Topic 12: Given an Integration Scenario, Determine the Appropriate Platform Capability Needed to Meet the Testing Requirements

Free Salesforce Integration Architecture Designer Exam Actual Questions

The questions for Integration Architecture Designer were last updated On Jan. 13, 2022

Question #1

Universal Containers (UC) is a leading provider of management training globally, UC

embarked on a Salesforce transformation journey to allow students to register for courses in the

Salesforce community. UC has a learning system that masters all courses and student


UC requested a near real-time feed of student registration from Salesforce to the learning

system. The integration architect recommends using Salesforce event.

Which API should be used for the Salesforce platform event solution?

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Correct Answer: B

Question #2

Northern Trail Outfitters is in the final stages of merging two Salesforce orgs but needs to keep the retiring org available for a short period of time for lead management as it is connected to multiple public web site forms. The sales department has requested that new leads are available in the new Salesforce instance within 30 minutes.

Which two approaches will require the least amount of development effort?

Choose 2 answers

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Correct Answer: A, B

Question #3

A global financial company sells financial products and services that include the following:

1. Bank Accounts

2. Loans

3. Insurance

The company has a core banking system that is state of the art and is the master system to store

financial transactions, financial products and customer information. The core banking system

currently processes 10M financial transactions per day. The CTO for the company is considering

building a community port so that customers can review their bank account details, update their

information and review their account financial transactions.

What should an integration architect recommend as a solution to enable customer community

users to view their financial transactions?

A Use Salesforce Connect to display the financial transactions as an external object.

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Correct Answer: C

Question #4

Universal containers is planning to implement Salesforce as their CRM system. Currently

they have the following systems

1. Leads are managed in a Marketing System.

2. Sales people use Microsoft Outlook to enter contacts, emails and manage activities.

3. Inventory, Billing and Payments are managed in their ERP system. 4. The proposed CRM

system is expected to provide Sales and Support people the ability to have a single view of their

customers and manage their contacts, emails and activities in Salesforce CRM.

What should an Integration Consultant consider to support the proposed CRM system strategy?

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Correct Answer: B

Question #5

Universal Containers (UC) currently owns a middleware tool and they have developed an API-led integration architecture with three API tiers. The first tier interfaces directly with the systems of engagement, the second tier implements business logic and aggregates data, while the third tier interfaces directly with systems of record. Some of the systems of engagement will be a mobile application, a web application, and Salesforce.

UC has a business requirement to return data to the systems of engagement in different formats while also enforcing different security protocols.

What should an Integration Architect recommend to meet these requirements?

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Correct Answer: B

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