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Salesforce FSL-201 Exam

Exam Name: Implement Salesforce Field Service
Exam Code: FSL-201
Related Certification(s): Salesforce Field Service Lightning Consultant Certification
Certification Provider: Salesforce
Number of FSL-201 practice questions in our database: 163 (updated: May. 19, 2024)
Expected FSL-201 Exam Topics, as suggested by Salesforce :
  • Topic 1: Describe Geocoding and Data Integration Rules Within Field Service/ Test Your Knowledge with Field Service Review Questions
  • Topic 2: Describe the Framework for a Field Service Project Team/ Explore the Capabilities of the Dispatcher Console
  • Topic 3: Explain the Business Reason Why AW Computing Has Purchased FSL/ Complete Reporting and Mobile Exercises
  • Topic 4: Explain the Main Components, Capabilities, and Data Model of FSL/ Describe What Connected Field Service Looks Like
  • Topic 5: Identify the Key Tasks Performed by Each Field Service Role/ Identify the Features Within the Field Service Settings Tab
  • Topic 6: Describe the Service Appointment Lifecycle and Related Status Transitions/ Reference Your Action Items for the Course
  • Topic 7: Ask the Essential Questions Before Setting up Field Service/ Discuss How Work Orders Behave and Interact with Other Objects
  • Topic 8: Describe the Field Service Location and Product Data Flow/ Define the Difference Between the Service Appointment and Work Order
  • Topic 9: Explain the Business Flow of a Case to Work Order to Service Appointment/ Identify Scheduling Policies Included in Field Service
  • Topic 10: Describe the Schedule Optimization Model/ Field Service Definitions and Video/ Recognize the Importance of Required Skills
  • Topic 11: Complete All Exercises Related to Field Service Scheduling and Policies/ Explain Capacity with Contractors and How to Give Contractors First Preference
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Free Salesforce FSL-201 Exam Actual Questions

Note: Premium Questions for FSL-201 were last updated On May. 19, 2024 (see below)

Question #1

The CFO for Universal Containers wants Work Orders to remain open until the Customer Service Report is signed.

Which two configurations should a Consultant implement to prevent Work Orders from being closed?

Choose 2 answers

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Correct Answer: B, D

A custom approval process on work orders is used to define the steps and criteria for approving a work order before it can be closed. A custom validation rule on work orders is used to check the data entered on a work order and prevent it from being saved if it does not meet the specified conditions. By using these configurations, the system can prevent work orders from being closed until the customer service report is signed.

Question #2

Which three factors should a Consultant consider when configuring routing? Choose 3 answers

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Correct Answer: A, B, C

These are three factors that should be considered when configuring routing. Routing is the process of finding the best resource for a service appointment based on various criteria and constraints. A schedule policy is used to define the routing preferences and rules for a service territory or operating hours. A work rule is used to define a scheduling constraint or preference for a service appointment or a resource. A service objective is used to define a scheduling goal or metric for a service appointment. The Resource Availability work rule is used to calculate travel time and breaks as part of the resource's availability. The Default Travel Speed is used to estimate the travel time between locations if a different travel speed is not specified for the resource.

Question #3

Universal Containers plans to implement Crew Management to better support its clients. Which area does the Consultant need to consider as part of the recommendation?

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Correct Answer: B

Capacity-based scheduling is a feature that allows the system to schedule service appointments based on the capacity of the resources. This feature is supported for service crews, which are groups of resources that work together on service appointments.

Question #4

Universal Containers wants to track the work that is performed on the customer's install base. Which object relationship should the Consultant utilize to meet this requirement?

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Correct Answer: A

Assets are used to track the customer's install base, such as products or equipment that require service. Work orders are used to track the work that needs to be done on assets. By relating work orders to assets, the system can track the work history and status of each asset.

Question #5

Universal Containers performs maintenance and repairs on Assets in the field and wants to increase first-time fix rates.

What should a Consultant include when creating a Work Order?

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Correct Answer: B

Products required and skill requirements are two fields that should be included when creating a work order to increase first-time fix rates. Products required are used to specify the products that are needed for the work order, and skill requirements are used to specify the level of expertise that is needed for the work order. By including these fields, the system can ensure that the technician has the right parts and skills to complete the work order.

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