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Salesforce DEX-450 Exam

Certification Provider: Salesforce
Exam Name: Build Applications Programmatically on the Salesforce Platform
Number of questions in our database: 298
Exam Version: Jan. 20, 2023
DEX-450 Exam Official Topics:
  • Topic 1: Describe how triggers fit into and can be impacted by the Order of Execution/ Building a Data Model on the Salesforce Platform
  • Topic 2: Referencing Custom Controllers and Controller Extensions/ Use the sObject data type, the primitive data types, and basic control statements in Apex
  • Topic 3: Process the result of a query in Apex/ Understanding Record Types/ Use trigger context variables
  • Topic 4: Describe strategies for Testing Visualforce controllers/ Use SOQL to Query Parent-Child Relationships
  • Topic 5: Write a query that traverses a child-to-parent and parent-to-child relationship/ Creating Roll-Up Summary Fields
  • Topic 6: Write a basic query using Salesforce?s query language, SOQL/ Write Apex to invoke DML operations and handle DML errors
  • Topic 7: Write tests for action methods, getters, setters, and properties/ List the differences between the ways you can invoke DML operations
  • Topic 8: Describe the syntax of a trigger definition/ Display data from a record in a Visualforce page
  • Topic 9: Describe common limit issues and security concerns/ Launch a Visualforce page using a custom button
  • Topic 10: Visualforce Development Considerations and Testing/ Determine what data an Apex class can access
  • Topic 11: Describe the memory lifecycle for static attributes/ Use Platform Events for Immediate Error Logging
  • Topic 12: Describe practices for writing code that is easy to maintain and extend/ Write triggers and classes that assume batches of data as input

Free Salesforce DEX-450 Exam Actual Questions

The questions for DEX-450 were last updated On Jan. 20, 2023

Question #1

The Job_Application__c custom object has a field that is a Master-Detail relationship to the Contact object, where the Contact object is the Master. As part of a feature implementation, a developer needs to retrieve a list containing all Contact records where the related Account Industry is 'Technology' while also retrieving the contact's Job_Application__c records.

Based on the object's relationships, what is the most efficient statement to retrieve the list of contacts?

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Correct Answer: B

Question #2

What are two best practices when it comes to Lightning Web Component events?

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Correct Answer: A, C

Question #3

A large corporation stones Orders and Line Items In Salesforce for different lines of business. Users are a.. see Orders across the entire organization, but, for security purposes, should only be able to see the Line If Orders in their line of business.

Which type of relationship should be used between Line Items and Orders?

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Correct Answer: A

Question #4

A business has a proprietary Order Management System (OMS) that creates orders from their website and ... the order. When the order is created in the OMS, an integration also creates an order record in Salesforce ... relates it to the contact as identified by the email on the order. As the order goes through different stages in OMS, the integration also updates it in Salesforce.

It is notified that each update from the OMS creates a new order record in Salesforce.

Which two actions prevent the duplicate order records from being created in Salesforce?

Choose 2 answers

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Correct Answer: A, D

Question #5

A developer is creating an app that contains multiple Lightning web components.

One of the child components is used for navigation purposes. When a user click a button called.. component, the parent component must be alerted so it can navigate to the next page.

How should this be accomplished?

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Correct Answer: D

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