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Salesforce Certified Data Architect Exam

Exam Name: Salesforce Certified Data Architect
Exam Code: Salesforce Certified Data Architect
Related Certification(s):
  • Salesforce Architect Certifications
  • Salesforce Data Architect Certifications
Certification Provider: Salesforce
Actual Exam Duration: 105 Minutes
Number of Salesforce Certified Data Architect practice questions in our database: 257 (updated: May. 10, 2024)
Expected Salesforce Certified Data Architect Exam Topics, as suggested by Salesforce :
  • Topic 1: Data modeling/Database Design: This topic covers various techniques and considerations for designing a data model for the Customer 360 platform. It also focuses on approaches to designing a scalable data model that obeys the current security and sharing model. The topic also compares and contrasts techniques for capturing and managing business and technical metadata, as well as the reasons for implementing Big Objects vs Standard/Custom objects and approaches to avoid data skew.
  • Topic 2: Master Data Management: This topic covers the various techniques, approaches, and considerations to implement Master Data Management Solutions, and techniques for establishing a "golden record" or "system of truth" for the customer domain. It also discusses approaches and techniques for consolidating data attributes and maintaining customer reference and metadata.
  • Topic 3: Salesforce Data Management: This topic covers the appropriate combination of Salesforce license types, techniques to ensure data is persisted in a consistent manner, and approaches to represent a single view of the customer on the Salesforce platform. It also covers techniques to effectively consolidate and leverage data from multiple Salesforce instances.
  • Topic 4: Data Governance: This topic covers the approach for designing a GDPR compliant data model, including identifying, classifying, and protecting personal and sensitive information. It also delves into as well different approaches and considerations to design and implement an enterprise data governance program.
  • Topic 5: Large Data Volume considerations: It covers the design of a data model that scales considering large data volume and solution performance, a data archiving and purging plan, and the use of virtualised data options.
  • Topic 6: Data Migration: This topic covers suitable techniques and methods to make sure high data quality at load time, different strategies to improve performance when migrating large data volumes into Salesforce, and various techniques and considerations to export data from Salesforce.
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adam zampa

2 months ago
I believe the correct answer to question number 2 of the data-architect exam is Option A: Bulk API. According to my understanding, Bulk API is designed specifically to handle large data volumes efficiently. However, I would appreciate confirmation if Option A is indeed the correct choice for exporting such a large dataset.
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Free Salesforce Salesforce Certified Data Architect Exam Actual Questions

Note: Premium Questions for Salesforce Certified Data Architect were last updated On May. 10, 2024 (see below)

Question #1

A national nonprofit organization is using Salesforce to recruit members. The recruitment process requires a member to be matched with a volunteer opportunity. Given the following:

1. A record is created in Project__ c and used to track the project through completion.

2. The member may then start volunteering and is required to track their volunteer hours, which is stored in VTOTime_c object related to the project.

3. Ability to view or edit the VTOTime__c object needs to be the same as the Project__ c


4. Managers must see total hours volunteered while viewing the Project__ c record.

Which data relationship should the data architect use to support this requirement when creating the custom VTOTime__c object?

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Correct Answer: C

A master-detail field on VTOTime__c to Project__c is the data relationship that the data architect should use to support the requirement when creating the custom VTOTime__c object. A master-detail relationship creates a parent-child relationship between two objects, where the master record controls certain behaviors of the detail record, such as security, ownership, deletion, and roll-up summary fields. By using a master-detail field on VTOTime__c to Project__c, you can ensure that the ability to view or edit the VTOTime__c object is the same as the Project__c record, and that managers can see the total hours volunteered while viewing the Project__c record using a roll-up summary field.

Question #2

Universal Containers has implemented Salesforce for its operations. In order for customers to be created in their MDM solution, the customer record needs to have the following attributes:

1. First Name

2. Last Name

3. Email

Which option should the data architect recommend to mandate this when customers are created in Salesforce?

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Correct Answer: B

Creating validation rules to check if the required attributes are entered is the best option to mandate this when customers are created in Salesforce. Validation rules allow you to specify criteria that must be met before a record can be saved. You can use validation rules to ensure that customers have a first name, last name, and email when they are created in Salesforce. This way, you can prevent incomplete or invalid data from being sent to your MDM solution.

Question #3

Northern Trail Outfitters (NTO) wants to capture a list of customers that have bought a particular product. The solution architect has recommended to create a custom object for product, and to create a lookup relationship between its customers and its products.

Products will be modeled as a custom object (NTO_ Product__ c) and customers are modeled

as person accounts. Every NTO product may have millions of customers looking up a single product, resulting in a lookup skew.

What should a data architect suggest to mitigate Issues related to lookup skew?

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Correct Answer: A

creating multiple similar products and distributing the skew across those products can be a way to mitigate issues related to lookup skew. The article explains that lookup skew happens when a very large number of records are associated with a single record in the lookup object, and this can cause record locking and performance issues. The article suggests creating multiple copies of the same product record and assigning different child records to each copy, so that the number of child records per parent record is reduced.

Question #4

Northern Trail Outfitters needs to implement an archive solution for Salesforce dat

a. This archive solution needs to help NTO do the following:

1. Remove outdated Information not required on a day-to-day basis.

2. Improve Salesforce performance.

Which solution should be used to meet these requirements?

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Correct Answer: A

Identifying a location to store archived data and using scheduled batch jobs to migrate and purge the aged data on a nightly basis can be a way to meet the requirements for an archive solution. The article provides a use case of how to use Heroku Connect, Postgres, and Salesforce Connect to archive old data, free up space in the org, and still retain the option to unarchive the data if needed. The article also explains how this solution can improve Salesforce performance and meet data retention policies.

Question #5

Northern Trail Outfitters (NTO) has multiple Salesforce orgs based on regions. Users need read-only access to customers across all Salesforce orgs.

Which feature in Salesforce can be used to provide access to customer records across all NTO orgs?

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Correct Answer: A

Salesforce Connect is a feature that allows users to access data from external sources and multiple Salesforce orgs, using either clicks or code. Salesforce Connect can provide read-only access to customer records across all NTO orgs, without replicating or storing the data in Salesforce.

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