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Salesforce B2C-Commerce-Developer Exam

Certification Provider: Salesforce
Exam Name: Salesforce Certified B2C Commerce Developer
Duration: 105 Minutes
Number of questions in our database: 115
Exam Version: Jan. 12, 2022
B2C-Commerce-Developer Exam Official Topics:
  • Topic 1: Troubleshoot File Synchronization Issues Between UX Studio And The Sandbox Environment/ Given A Sandbox Instance And UX Studio Connection
  • Topic 2: Given The Code For A Storefront Site, Add The Correct Sequence Of Cartridge Names To The Provided Cartridge Path
  • Topic 3: Given A Sandbox Instance And Data Import Files, Import Files Using Business Manager Import/Export Modules
  • Topic 4: Given A Sandbox Instance And Eclipse IDE, Install UX Studio And Upload Code To The Sandbox Environment
  • Topic 5: Given A Configuration Task, Use Business Manager To Work With Storefront Data To Complete A Storefront Order
  • Topic 6: Use Business Manager To Work With Content Assets, Content Slots, And Content Folders
  • Topic 7: Given A Business Manager Task, Work With The Product Data Model To Manage Products, Their Categorization, And Associated Inventory
  • Topic 8: Given A Specification And A Sandbox Instance, Configure OCAPI Permissions For Data And Shop Apis
  • Topic 9: Given Business Requirements, Create A Custom Object Type To Store A Custom Data Type
  • Topic 10: Given Existing Code And A Sandbox Instance, Enable And Access Logging Category In Business Manager
  • Topic 11: Create A New Search Refinement Definition That Can Be Used On The Storefront/ Modify Site Search Preferences And Settings To Enable Searching For A Specified Product Attribute
  • Topic 12: Given Business Requirements, Pass Data To A Downstream System; Extend The Storefront To Expose A New Attribute On An Existing System Object Type
  • Topic 13: Given A Performance Issue And Sample Code, Determine The Faulty Cache Configuration And Identify The Cause
  • Topic 14: Configure And Use The Debugger To Inspect Script And Pipeline Functions/ Modify A Javascript Controller To Alter The Control Logic
  • Topic 15: Create ISML Templates That Use The Following ISML Functionality: Local Include, Remote Include, Modules, And Components
  • Topic 16: Modify The Appearance Of A Form, Add Validation And CSRF Protection, And Use Bindings To Process Fields
  • Topic 17: Create A Javascript Controller That Leverages A Script And Renders A Template/JSON/ Write Code That Logs Non-Sensitive Data To Custom Log Files With Different Log Levels
  • Topic 18: Given A Requirement And A Simple Service Specification, Integrate And Deploy Using Service Framework/ Use OCAPI Shop And Data Apis To Enable Interoperability With An External System
  • Topic 19: Implement And Enhance Templates, Form Definitions, Static Files, Properties Files/ Extend Functionality With A Hook That Is Not Previously Defined In Hooks
  • Topic 20: Persistent Object Attributes To Ensure That Localized Pages Are Displayed As Expected/ Identify The Issues And Modify The Code To Conform To Best Practices Including Performance & Scalability

Free Salesforce B2C-Commerce-Developer Exam Actual Questions

The questions for B2C-Commerce-Developer were last updated On Jan. 12, 2022

Question #1

A developer wants to create in Business Manager extension with the cartridge named


Which two steps should the developer take for the extension option to show up in Business Manager?Choose 2 answers:

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Correct Answer: A, D

Question #2

A developer has a sandbox configured with a service and its profile and credential.. Now there is a

requirement to allow changes to the service URL manually from the sandbox.

Which B2C feature should the developer use to achieve the request?

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Correct Answer: A

Question #3

When inspecting the weekly service status report for a critical internally hosted web service used in the

application, a developer notices that there are too many instances of unavailability.

Which two solutions can reduce the unavailability of the service?

Choose 2 answers.

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Correct Answer: B, C

Question #4

A merchant has a requirement to sell a combination of four existing products with a unique product ID.

This collection will be known as 'Our Top Combo', and is base don the merchant's trading information that

shows this combination to be in high demand.

What does the developer need to do next to fulfill this requirement?

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Correct Answer: A

Question #5

A Newsletter controller contains the following route:'Subscribe', function (req,res,next){

var newsletterForm = server.forms.getForm('newsletter');var CustomObjectMgr = require('dw/object/CustomObjectMgr');



var CustomObject =


CustomObject.custom.firstName = newsletterForm.fname.value;

CustomObject.custom.lastName = newsletterForm.lname.value;-

} catch(e){

//Catch error here





Assuming the Custom Object metadata exists, why does this route fail to render the newsletter template

when the subscription form is correctly submitted?

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Correct Answer: D

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