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Salesforce B2B-Solution-Architect Exam

Certification Provider: Salesforce
Exam Name: Salesforce Certified B2B Solution Architect
Duration: 120 Minutes
Number of questions in our database: 112
Exam Version: Jan. 18, 2023
B2B-Solution-Architect Exam Official Topics:
  • Topic 1: Given a defined future state B2B multi-cloud solution architecture alongside business requirements/ Define the functional and technical solution
  • Topic 2: Determine how to facilitate adoption in order for the business to benefit from a B2B multi-cloud solution/ Identify design options and their associated risks
  • Topic 3: Given a scenario in which the designed solution is being implemented/ Given a scenario in which the design document is being shared
  • Topic 4: Design and map a sharing and visibility model for a B2B multi-cloud Salesforce solution/ Given the identified business needs, vision, and current customer landscape
  • Topic 5: Determine how to further improve the solution to ensure business benefits are continuously realized/ Given a scenario in which a customer wants a B2B multi-cloud solution
  • Topic 6: Eensure that stakeholders are appropriately enabled to manage the solution moving forward/ Define the strategy to migrate data
  • Topic 7: Define the future blueprint architecture of a B2B multi-cloud Salesforce solution in order to define the product roadmap/ Given information gathered during discovery
  • Topic 8: Given a set of business requirements, recommend an appropriate Salesforce multi-cloud or AppExchange solution/ Given customer expectations around data volumes
  • Topic 9: Define the incremental steps necessary to reach the recommended future end state that supports business outcomes/ choose the preferred method for integrating data across different clouds
  • Topic 10: Define appropriate strategies that balance resources and effort to deliver an effective and efficient delivery method/ Synchronize data across systems to support a multi-cloud B2B solution

Free Salesforce B2B-Solution-Architect Exam Actual Questions

The questions for B2B-Solution-Architect were last updated On Jan. 18, 2023

Question #1

Universal Containers (UC) is using Sales Cloud and Service Cloud. UC wants a solution that can tend scheduled emails on a dairy, weekly, or monthly basis to existing customers and prospects. UC also wants to track if customers have opened the emails. There can be as little as 1,000 emails in a week or as many as 100,000 emails in a month, depending on the season.

Based on that criteria, which solution should the Solution Architect recommend to UC?

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Correct Answer: D

Question #2

Universal Containers uses an ERP as system of record (SOR) for its product data, and Sales Cloud and Revenue Cloud for its sales dat

a. The Product data must be synced with Salesforce so that sales representatives can add the products to their Opportunities and Quotes. As Products are deactivated within the ERP, they should no longer be available. Since Sales Cloud is the SOR for Opportunities and Revenue Cloud is the SOR for Quotes, the Solution Architect has been asked to come up with an archiving strategy that preserves Opportunity and Quote data related to these deactivated products m Salesforce for historical reference.

What should a Solution Architect recommend to manage the deactivation of the Products and archiving of the Saks data?

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Correct Answer: C

Question #3

Universal Containers (UC) currently has Sales Cloud, Revenue Cloud, and Marketing Cloud Account Engagement within its existing Salesforce environment and is utilizing a standard Lead to Cash solution across those clouds. UC is 2 years into its Salesforce implementation, and the CIO is getting concerned with the sheer amount of data affecting its environment's data limits.

IT is doing upkeep on older records that may no longer be relevant. They have decided to start looking at data archival strategies and what to archive correctly. Given that this solution involves Leads from Marketing Cloud Account Engagement, Opportunities from Sales Cloud, and Quotes from Revenue Cloud, they are concerned about archiving related data on active sales pipelines. They also want to keep a historical snapshot of all of their Quotes, Opportunities, and Leads for future pipeline performance purposes and are open to options.

Choose 2 answers

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Correct Answer: A, B

Question #4

Northern Trail Health has clients that have more than 10,000 employees. The company's Customer Service team handles requests from its client's employees directly and tracks various rebate programs per employee. Private information should not be shared with the Sales team and they should only see contacts that are relevant to the sales process.

Assuming that Sales and Service teams share certain contacts, in which two ways should a Solution Architect ensure optimal performance?

Choose 2 answers

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Correct Answer: C, D

Question #5

Universal Containers (UC) wants to enhance the online purchase experience for its customers. The product and pricing information is managed in a separate ERP, while customer purchases are primarily triggered online through self-service. UC often offers promotions and discounts through various online seasonal events. UC wants the ability to provide customized quotes based on its relationship with the customer, as well as proactively process and monitor renewal and upgrade opportunities.

A Solution Architect has identified Sales Cloud, CPQ, Billing, and B2B Commerce as part of a potential multi-cloud solution.

Based on the above considerations, which option identifies the optimal data flow for this solution?

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Correct Answer: A

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