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Salesforce ARC-801 Exam

Certification Provider: Salesforce
Exam Name: Design and Implement B2B Multi-Cloud Solutions
Number of questions in our database: 112
Exam Version: May. 29, 2023
ARC-801 Exam Official Topics:
  • Topic 1: Single Topic

Free Salesforce ARC-801 Exam Actual Questions

The questions for ARC-801 were last updated On May. 29, 2023

Question #1

Universal Containers (UC) is undergoing a full digital transformation and has chosen Salesforce as one of the main components. UC will use Sales Cloud for online activities, CPQ for quote generation and renewals. B2B Commerce for online orders through its partnerships and vendors, an external ERP for fulfillment and invoicing, and Marketing Cloud for customer outreach. UC wants to create fluidity between the entire application landscape, and an integration between systems is required.

The application is expected to be able to generate an order based on any of the channels outlined above, and be utilized in UC's outreach to its customers.

Where should a Solution Architect recommend the system of record (SOR) be for all orders going forward?

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Correct Answer: C

This will ensure that all orders are stored in a single, unified database, and will make it easier to track and manage orders across different channels. Additionally, Salesforce Order Objects have built-in features that make it easy to integrate with ERP systems, B2B Commerce, and Marketing Cloud, allowing UC to create the desired fluidity between its application landscape.

Question #2

Universal Containers (UC) is looking to implement a CPQ + B2B Commerce multi-cloud solution and use the CPQ B2B Commerce Connector to keep the two in sync. As part of this implementation, UC is looking to be able to have a streamlined product and pricing experience. As UC would like to sell product kits with tiered pricing through the self-service storefront, it would like to ensure this model can be supported effectively.

Which two considerations should a Solution Architect keep in mind for the implementation?

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Question #3

Universal Containers (UC) is about to implement Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, and Revenue Cloud within its newly created Salesforce environment. But before UC begins, the CIO would like to understand the options for creating and migrating changes within Salesforce. UC is about to use a sandbox for the initial build and will deploy customisation up to the production environment. UC has decided to build packages of metadata to silo the functionality between the three clouds it is implementing for.

What are two key considerations a Solution Architect should keep in mind when recommending packaging?

Choose 2 answers

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Question #4

Universal Containers (UC) has a multi-cloud environment that includes Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, and CPQ. The environment supports multiple languages via the translation workbench. As part of a roadmap, UC is implementing B2B Commerce. As part of this project, there is a requirement to translate data stored within the Name and Description fields on the Product and Product Category objects.

What should a Solution Architect recommend to achieve this?

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Correct Answer: D

Option D would involve enabling Data Translation for B2B Commerce. This feature allows you to translate data stored within standard and custom fields on Product and Product Category objects using a translation workbench-like interface. You can also import and export translations using CSV files.

Question #5

Universal Containers (UC) is about to embark on a digital transformation initiative to make all of its back-office systems data visible to employees, customers. And partners via front-office capabilities like Salesforce. The CIO has asked the team to identify their various systems, both back- and front-office, and correctly identify the proper use of those systems. The team plans to utilise the Systems of Engagement framework to classify their systems based on how they will be utilized within the enterprise architecture.

Salesforce is being utilued as the master for all sales data-like Opportunities, Quotes, and Cart data---and an ERP is the master for all invoice, order, and payment data.

How should the Solution Architect segment opportunities and order data in Salesforce*

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