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RedHat EX294 Exam

Certification Provider: RedHat
Exam Name: Red Hat Certified Engineer (RHCE) exam for Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8 Exam
Duration: 240 Minutes
Number of questions in our database: 35
Exam Version: Apr. 05, 2024
EX294 Exam Official Topics:
  • Topic 1: Understand the key components of Ancibel Exams, Units, Variable, Facts, Play the manual, configuration file
  • Topic 2: Use the documentation provided to get specific information about the available modules and commands
  • Topic 3: Understand and use basic tools/ System deployment, configuration and maintenance
  • Topic 4: Create and configure file systems/ User and group management/ Security management
  • Topic 5: Configure local storage/ Operating system
  • Topic 6: Create managed managed nodes/ Configure privilege escalation on managed nodes
  • Topic 7: Verify that the functional configuration is correct by using the Ansible custom command
  • Topic 8: Create SSH keys and distribute them to managed nodes/ Create and use static invariants to define host groups
  • Topic 9: Install and configure a compatible control unit/ Create a static host inventory file/ Create a configuration file
  • Topic 10: Create simple shell scripts that run custom Ansible commands/ Administrative work scenario
  • Topic 11: Unable to create drama and playbook/ Install the required package/ Parallel management
  • Topic 12: Create an instruction manual to configure the system for a specific situation/ Learn to work with frequently used Ansible units
  • Topic 13: Use the variable to get the results of the command run/ Use the conditions to control the progress of the game
  • Topic 14: Features Use system modules that work with Software package and storage, Firewall rules, storage devices, Users and groups
  • Topic 15: Create a simple script/ Configure error handling/ Working with roles/ Download and use roles from Ansible Galaxy
  • Topic 16: To protect sensitive data, use Ansible Vault in the user guide/ Take advantage of additional enhancements
  • Topic 17:
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Free RedHat EX294 Exam Actual Questions

The questions for EX294 were last updated On Apr. 05, 2024

Question #1

Use Ansible Galaxy with a requirements file called /home/admin/ansible/roles/

install.yml to download and install roles to /home/admin/ansible/roles from the

following URLs:

http:// /role1.tar.gz The name of this role should be balancer

http:// /role2.tar.gz The name of this role should be phphello

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Correct Answer: A

Question #2

Create a playbook called packages.yml that:


--> Installs the php and mariadb packages on hosts in the dev, test, and prod host


--> Installs the Development Tools package group on hosts in the dev host group.

--> Updates all packages to the latest version on hosts in the dev host group.

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Correct Answer: A

Question #3

Create Logical volumes with lvm.yml in all nodes according to following



* Create a new Logical volume named as 'data'

* LV should be the member of 'research' Volume Group

* LV size should be 1500M

* It should be formatted with ext4 file-system.

--> If Volume Group does not exist then it should print the message "VG Not found"

--> If the VG can not accommodate 1500M size then it should print "LV Can not be

created with

following size", then the LV should be created with 800M of size.

--> Do not perform any mounting for this LV.

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Correct Answer: A

Question #4

Create the users in the file usersjist.yml file provided. Do this in a playbook called users.yml located at /home/sandy/ansible. The passwords for these users should be set using the lock.yml file from TASK7. When running the playbook, the lock.yml file should be unlocked with secret.txt file from TASK 7.

All users with the job of 'developer' should be created on the dev hosts, add them to the group devops, their password should be set using the pw_dev variable. Likewise create users with the job of 'manager' on the proxy host and add the users to the group 'managers', their password should be set using the pw_mgr variable.

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Correct Answer: A

Question #5

Create an Ansible vault to store user passwords as follows:

* The name of the vault is valut.yml

* The vault contains two variables as follows:

- dev_pass with value wakennym

- mgr_pass with value rocky

* The password to encrypt and decrypt the vault is atenorth

* The password is stored in the file /home/admin/ansible/password.txt

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Correct Answer: A

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