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Free RedHat EX200 Exam Dumps

Here you can find all the free questions related with RedHat Red Hat Certified System Administrator (EX200) exam. You can also find on this page links to recently updated premium files with which you can practice for actual RedHat Red Hat Certified System Administrator Exam. These premium versions are provided as EX200 exam practice tests, both as desktop software and browser based application, you can use whatever suits your style. Feel free to try the Red Hat Certified System Administrator Exam premium files for free, Good luck with your RedHat Red Hat Certified System Administrator Exam.
Question No: 1


The system provides an LDAP authentication service.

Your system should bind to this service as follows:

The base DN for the authentication service is dc=domain11, dc=example, dc=com LDAP is used to provide both account information and authentication information. The connection should be encrypted using the certificate at

When properly configured, ldapuserX should be able to log into your system, but will not have a home directory until you have completed the autofs requirement. Username: ldapuser11

Password: password

Question No: 2





ldap http//

Install dialog package.

Question No: 3


/data Directory is shared from the server. Mount the shared directory that:

a. when user try to access, automatically should mount

b. when user doesn't use mounted directory should unmount automatically after 50 seconds.

c. shared directory should mount on /mnt/data on your machine.

Question No: 4


A YUM source has been provided in the

Configure your system and can be used normally.

Question No: 5


Upgrade the kernel, start the new kernel by default. kernel download from this address:

Question No: 6


Install the Kernel Upgrade.

Install suitable kernel update from:

Following requirements must be met:

Updated kernel used as the default kernel of system start-up.

The original kernel is still valid and can be guided when system starts up.

Question No: 7


Binding to an external validation server.

System provides a LDAP validation service, your system should bind to this service as required:

Base DN of validation service is dc=example,dc=com

LDAP is used for providing account information and validation information Connecting and using the certification of to encrypt

After the correct configuration, ldapuser1 can log into your system, it does not have HOME directory until you finish autofs questions, ldapuser1 password is password.

Question No: 8


Configure a default software repository for your system.

One YUM has already provided to configure your system on x86_64/Server, and can be used normally.

Question No: 9


Configure a HTTP server, which can be accessed through

Please download the released page from http://ip/dir/example.html.

Question No: 10



Add an additional swap partition of 754 MB to your system.

The swap partition should automatically mount when your system boots.

Do not remove or otherwise alter any existing swap partitions on your system.


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