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PRINCE2-7-Foundation Exam

Exam Name: PRINCE2 7 Foundation written Exam
Exam Code: PRINCE2-7-Foundation
Related Certification(s): PRINCE2-Foundation Certification
Certification Provider: PRINCE2
Number of PRINCE2-7-Foundation practice questions in our database: 463 (updated: Jun. 14, 2024)
Expected PRINCE2-7-Foundation Exam Topics, as suggested by PRINCE2 :
  • Topic 1: Principles: In this topic, you find details about core principles. Within the PRINCE2 framework, these principles facilitate the successful delivery of projects.
  • Topic 2: Processes: This topic gives an introduction of seven PRINCE2 processes. These processes offer an organized method of project management.
  • Topic 3: Themes: It covers eight themes, including risk management and ongoing business justification. These themes ensure the success of a project.
  • Topic 4: People: It focuses on the role of people in the success of projects.
  • Topic 5: Customization: This section focuses on modification and customization of PRINCE2 procedures.
  • Topic 6: Plans: It gives an overview of the various project plans developed within PRINCE2.
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Free PRINCE2 PRINCE2-7-Foundation Exam Actual Questions

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Question #1

What should the 'organizing' practice address?

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Correct Answer: B

The 'organizing' practice in PRINCE2 should address how the project management team is structured, specifically detailing which team members should report to whom. This practice ensures clear lines of communication and responsibility within the project team, facilitating effective management and decision-making processes. Reference: (PRINCE2 7 Foundation Handbook, AXELOS)

Question #2

The project manager needs to record the impact assessment for a specific business opportunity.

In which management product should the project manager record this?

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Correct Answer: A

The project manager should record the impact assessment for a specific business opportunity in an 'Issue Report'. This management product is used to detail particular issues that might affect the project, including opportunities (which are treated like positive risks), and provides a basis for decision-making regarding these issues. Reference: PRINCE2 7 Foundation materials on issue management and related documentation.

Question #3

Which is the BEST reason for a PRINCE? project to have at least two stages?

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Correct Answer: B

One of the best reasons for a PRINCE2 project to have at least two stages is that it provides structured decision points. At the end of each stage, the project board reviews progress and decides whether to proceed with the next stage, ensuring that the project remains viable and aligns with business objectives before committing further resources. Reference: PRINCE2 7 Foundation resources on stage management.

Question #4

What is the BEST reason to perform the risk practice?

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Correct Answer: D

The primary reason to perform the risk practice within a PRINCE2 project is to identify and manage risks that could affect the project's objectives. Effective risk management ensures that potential threats and opportunities are adequately assessed and handled to minimize negative impacts and leverage positives, thereby safeguarding the project's success. Reference: PRINCE2 7 Foundation materials on risk management practices.

Question #5

The project manager has asked for a report to check whether there are any conflicts between the agreed state of the products and the actual

products being worked on.

Which part of effective issue management is the project manager applying?

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Correct Answer: A

In PRINCE2, baselines are used to establish a reference point for the agreed state of products, against which actual progress can be compared and managed. By requesting a report to check for conflicts between the agreed and actual states of products, the project manager is effectively applying the concept of baselines within issue management. This helps in identifying deviations from the agreed deliverables and initiating corrective actions to address these discrepancies. Reference: (PRINCE2 7 Foundation Handbook, AXELOS)

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