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Oracle 1Z0-809 Exam

Certification Provider: Oracle
Exam Name: Java SE 8 Programmer II
Duration: 150 Minutes
Number of questions in our database: 196
Exam Version: Feb. 18, 2024
1Z0-809 Exam Official Topics:
  • Topic 1: Develop Code That Uses Static Keyword On Initialize Blocks, Variables, Methods, And Classes
  • Topic 2: Develop Code To Extract Data From An Object Using Peek() And Map() Methods Including Primitive Versions Of The Map() Method
  • Topic 3: Implement Inheritance Including Visibility Modifiers And Composition/ Use Method References With Streams
  • Topic 4: Create And Use Arraylist, Treeset, Treemap, And Arraydeque Objects/ Override Hashcode, Equals, And Tostring Methods From Object Class
  • Topic 5: Search For Data By Using Search Methods Of The Stream Classes Including Findfirst, Findany, Anymatch, Allmatch, Nonematch
  • Topic 6: Save Results To A Collection Using The Collect Method And Group/Partition Data Using The Collectors Class
  • Topic 7: Work With Dates And Times Across Timezones And Manage Changes Resulting From Daylight Savings Including Format Date And Times Values
  • Topic 8: Create And Use Singleton Classes And Immutable Classes/ Use Java.Util.Comparator And Java.Lang.Comparable Interfaces
  • Topic 9: Develop Code That Uses Stream Data Methods And Calculation Methods/ Iterate Using Foreach Methods Of Streams And List
  • Topic 10: Create And Manage Date-Based And Time-Based Events Including A Combination Of Date And Time Into A Single Object Using Localdate, Localtime, Localdatetime
  • Topic 11: Define And Create And Manage Date-Based And Time-Based Events Using Instant, Period, Duration, And Temporalunit/ Filter A Collection By Using Lambda Expressions
  • Topic 12: Describe Stream Interface And Stream Pipeline/ Create Inner Classes Including Static Inner Class, Local Class, Nested Class, And Anonymous Inner Class
  • Topic 13: Use The Built-In Interfaces Included In The Java.Util.Function Package Such As Predicate, Consumer, Function, And Supplier
  • Topic 14: Use Enumerated Types Including Methods, And Constructors In An Enum Type/ Implement Polymorphism/ Create And Use A Generic Class
  • Topic 15: Develop Code That Declares, Implements And/Or Extends Interfaces And Use The @Override Annotation/ Develop Code That Uses The Optional Class
  • Topic 16: Develop Code That Uses Primitive Versions Of Functional Interfaces/ Develop Code That Uses Abstract Classes And Methods
  • Topic 17: Develop Code That Uses Binary Versions Of Functional Interfaces/ Use Autoclose Resources With A Try-With-Resources Statement
  • Topic 18: Develop Code That Uses The Unaryoperator Interface/ Create Custom Exceptions And Auto-Closeable Resources/ Lambda Built-In Functional Interfaces
  • Topic 19: Use Catch, Multi-Catch, And Finally Clauses/ Use Flatmap() Methods In The Stream API/ Develop Code That Uses The Final Keyword
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