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Oracle 1Z0-1072-22 Exam

Certification Provider: Oracle
Exam Name: Oracle Cloud Infrastructure 2022 Architect Associate
Duration: 90 Minutes
Number of questions in our database: 255
Exam Version: May. 20, 2023
1Z0-1072-22 Exam Official Topics:
  • Topic 1: Configure Security Lists and Network Security Groups/ Describe and configure a layer-4 Network Load Balancer
  • Topic 2: Database Systems and Autonomous Databases Operations and Maintenance/ Describe public and private IP addresses and virtual NICs
  • Topic 3: Configure Cloud Guard, Security Zone and Security Advisor (change from Data Guard)/ Understand Infrastructure Maintenance
  • Topic 4: Configure Virtual Cloud Network Routing and Gateways/ Introduction to Database Systems and Autonomous Databases
  • Topic 5: Configure Dynamic Groups and Tag based access control/ Describe and configure OS Management
  • Topic 6: Implement and manage Virtual Cloud Networks/ Describe and configure a layer-7 Load Balancer
  • Topic 7: Implement Object Storage versioning, life cycle management and retention rules/ Understand Block Volume performance tiers
  • Topic 8: Understand File System Snapshots and Cloning/ Configure DNS and Traffic Management
  • Topic 9: Understand File System usage and metering/ Describe public and private subnets
  • Topic 10: Implement and manage VCN connectivity/ Describe Public and Private DNS zones
  • Topic 11: Understand Object Storage replication/ Describe OCI compute image options
  • Topic 12: Configure Volume Groups, Backups, Clones/ Understand Observability and Management platform
  • Topic 13: Implement conditional and advanced policies/ Configure and manage Object Storage
  • Topic 14: Understand VCN connectivity options/ Select appropriate compute choices
  • Topic 15: Understand External Database Service/ Configure cross-region replication

Free Oracle 1Z0-1072-22 Exam Actual Questions

The questions for 1Z0-1072-22 were last updated On May. 20, 2023

Question #1

You have launched a compute instance running Oracle database in a private subnet in the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure US East region. You have also created a Service Gateway to back up the data files to OCI Object Storage in the same region. You have modified the security list associated with the private subnet to allow traffic to the Service Gateway, but your instance still cannot access OCI Object Storage. How can you resolve this issue?

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Correct Answer: C

A service gateway lets your virtual cloud network (VCN) privately access specific Oracle services without exposing the data to the public internet. No internet gateway or NAT is required to reach those specific services. The resources in the VCN can be in a private subnet and use only private IP addresses. The traffic from the VCN to the Oracle service travels over the Oracle network fabric and never traverses the internet.

The service gateway is regional and enables access only to supported Oracle servicesin the same regionas the VCN.

For traffic to be routed from a subnet in your VCN to a service gateway, you must add a rule accordingly to the subnet's route table. The rule must use the service gateway as the target. For the destination, you must use theservice CIDR labelthat is enabled for the service gateway. This means that you don't have to know the specific public CIDRs, which could change over time.

Question #2

Which two statements are true about Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) DB Systems Data Guard service?

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Correct Answer: A, C

An Oracle Data Guard implementation requires two DB systems, one containing the primary database and one containing the standby database. When you enable Oracle Data Guard for a virtual machine DB system database, a new DB system with the standby database is created and associated with the primary database. For a bare metal DB system, the DB system with the database that you want to use as the standby must already exist before you enable Oracle Data Guard.

Requirement details are as follows:

- Both DB systems must be in the same compartment.

- The DB systems must be the same shape type (for example, if the shape of the primary database is a virtual machine, then the shape of the standby database can be any other virtual machine shape).

- If your primary and standby databases are in different regions, then you must peer the virtual cloud networks (VCNs) for each database.

- Configure the security list ingress and egress rules for the subnets of both DB systems in the Oracle Data Guard association to enable TCP traffic to move between the applicable ports. Ensure that the rules you create are stateful (the default).

Question #3

Which two options are available within the service console of Autonomous Transaction Processing?

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Correct Answer: A, B

Question #4

Which of the following statement is true regarding Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Object Storage Pre-Authenticated Requests?

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Correct Answer: B

Pre-authenticated requests provide a way to let users access a bucket or an object without having their own credentials, as long as the request creator has permissions to access those objects. For example, you can create a request that lets an operations support user upload backups to a bucket without owning API keys. Or, you can create a request that lets a business partner update shared data in a bucket without owning API keys.

When you create a pre-authenticated request, a unique URL is generated. Anyone you provide this URL to can access the Object Storage resources identified in the pre-authenticated request, using standard HTTP tools like curl and wget.

Understand the following scope and constraints regarding pre-authenticated requests:

Users can't list bucket contents.

You can create an unlimited number of pre-authenticated requests.

There is no time limit to the expiration date that you can set.

You can't edit a pre-authenticated request. If you want to change user access options in response to changing requirements, you must create a new pre-authenticated request.

The target and actions for a pre-authenticated request are based on the creator's permissions. The request is not, however, bound to the creator's account login credentials. If the creator's login credentials change, a pre-authenticated request is not affected.

You cannot delete a bucket that has a pre-authenticated request associated with that bucket or with an object in that bucket.

Understand the following scope and constraints regarding public access:

Changing the type of access is bi-directional. You can change a bucket's access from public to private or from private to public.

Changing the type of access doesn't affect existing pre-authenticated requests. Existing pre-authenticated requests still work.

Question #5

Which is NOT a valid Oracle Cloud Agent plugin name?

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Correct Answer: C

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