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Oracle 1Z0-082 Exam

Certification Provider: Oracle
Exam Name: Oracle Database Administration I
Number of questions in our database: 142
Exam Version: Jan. 31, 2023
1Z0-082 Exam Official Topics:
  • Topic 1: Managing Oracle Database Users, Privileges, And Roles/ Applying The Principal Of Least Privilege
  • Topic 2: Understanding Oracle Database Memory And Process Structures/ Understanding Oracle Database Server Architecture
  • Topic 3: Configuring Communication Between Database Instances/ Understanding Implicit And Explicit Data Type Conversion
  • Topic 4: Understanding Oracle Database Instance Configurations/ Understanding Logical And Physical Database Structures
  • Topic 5: Creating And Using Temporary Tables/ Understanding Oracle Database Architecture
  • Topic 6: Configuring Oracle Net Services/ Comparing Dedicated And Shared Server Configurations
  • Topic 7: Using Conversion Functions And Conditional Expressions/ Comparing Undo Data And Redo Data
  • Topic 8: Using Oracle Net Services Administration Tools/ Administering User Authentication Methods
  • Topic 9: Reporting Aggregated Data Using Group Functions/ Connecting To An Oracle Database Instance
  • Topic 10: Using Arithmetic Expressions And NULL Values In The SELECT Statement/ Understanding Transactions And Undo Data
  • Topic 11: Using Concatenation Operator, Literal Character Strings, Alternative Quote Operator, And The DISTINCT Keyword
  • Topic 12: Using The ORDER BY Clause In Set Operations/ Retrieving Data Using The SQL SELECT Statement
  • Topic 13: Managing Tables Using DML Statements/ Using The TO_CHAR, TO_NUMBER, And TO_DATE Conversion Functions Creating And Assigning Profiles/ Configuring The Oracle Net Listener/ Shutting Down Oracle Database Instances
  • Topic 14: Using The Automatic Diagnostic Repository (ADR)/ Deploying Oracle Database Space Management Features
  • Topic 15: Using The Database Configuration Assistant (DBCA)/ Accessing An Oracle Database With Oracle Supplied Tools Creating, Altering And Dropping Tablespaces/ Displaying Data From Multiple Tables Using Joins
  • Topic 16: Manipulating Strings With Character Functions In SQL SELECT And WHERE Clauses/ Using Racle Enterprise Manager Database Express
  • Topic 17: Applying Rules Of Precedence For Operators In An Expression/ Manipulating Dates With The Date Function Understanding Data Definition Language/ Managing Data In Different Time Zones/ Understanding Block Space Management
  • Topic 18: Using Single-Row Functions To Customize Output/ Limiting Rows Returned In A SQL Statement

Free Oracle 1Z0-082 Exam Actual Questions

The questions for 1Z0-082 were last updated On Jan. 31, 2023

Question #1

Which two statements are true about undo and undo tablespaces?

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Correct Answer: B, C

Question #2

The customers table has a cust_last_name column of data type varchar2.

The table has two rows whose "jst_last_name values are Andersen and Ausson.

Which query produces output for cust_last_xame containing Oder for the first row and Aus for the second?

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Correct Answer: A

Question #3

Which two statements are true about interval data types?

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Correct Answer: A, C

Question #4

Which three statements are true about the naming methods and their features supported by Oracle database used to resolve connection information?

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Correct Answer: A, B, C

Question #5

Examine the description of the members table:

Examine the partial query:

SELECT city, last__name 1NAME FROM members

You want to display all cities that contain the string an. The cities must be returned in ascending order, with the last names further sorted in descending order.

Which two clauses must you add to the query?

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Correct Answer: A, C

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