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MuleSoft MCIA-Level-1 Exam

Certification Provider: MuleSoft
Exam Name: MuleSoft Certified Integration Architect - Level 1
Duration: 120 Minutes
Number of questions in our database: 130
Exam Version: Jan. 19, 2022
MCIA-Level-1 Exam Official Topics:
  • Topic 1: Designing networks for Anypoint Connectors/ Recognize scenarios where message correlation is necessary
  • Topic 2: Identify metrics and operations exposed by default via JMX/ Configuring and provisioning Anypoint Platform
  • Topic 3: Specify testing strategies that use both mocking and invoking of external dependencies/ Designing and documenting enterprise integration architecture
  • Topic 4: Formulate an effective source code management strategy including branching and merging/ Configure business groups, roles, and permissions within an Anypoint Platform organization
  • Topic 5: Specify the purpose of various MuleSoft products in the area of DevOps and CI/CD/ Select Anypoint Platform identity management vs client management for the correct purpose
  • Topic 6: For a given API or integration, identify the steps that need to be taken in order for testing to occur/ Select monitoring options for all available Anypoint Platform deployment options
  • Topic 7: Use transport protocols and connectors correctly and coherently when and where applicable/ Identify integrations scenarios when to use batch
  • Topic 8: Given a description of an integration problem, identify the most appropriate integration style/ Design for short or long retries using reconnection strategies
  • Topic 9: Operating and monitoring integration solutions/ Design parts of an integration solution using any SOA-based integration approach
  • Topic 10: Handling integration implementation lifecycles/ Define a performant and HA deployment architecture for Mule applications in on-prem deployments
  • Topic 11: Specify the requirements that would require the use of domain-level connectors/ Architecting resilient and performant integration solutions
  • Topic 12: Use streaming to handle large payloads within Mule applications/ Recognize the purpose of various fault-tolerance strategies for remote calls
  • Topic 13: Use Mule 4 constructs to make effective use of Enterprise Integration Patterns/ Specify the connectors that can participate in the different types of transactions
  • Topic 14: Determine if horizontal scaling will help a Mule application meet its performance targets/ Designing applications with Anypoint Connectors Identify common and distinguishing features and usage scenarios for CloudHub DLBs and public CloudHub LBs/ Match protocols with networking constraints and API layers

Free MuleSoft MCIA-Level-1 Exam Actual Questions

The questions for MCIA-Level-1 were last updated On Jan. 19, 2022

Question #1

An organization's security requirements mandate centralized control at all times over authentication and authorization of external applications when invoking web APIs managed on Anypoint Platform.

What Anypoint Platform feature is most idiomatic (used for its intended purpose), straightforward, and maintainable to use to meet this requirement?

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Correct Answer: B

Question #2

An organization has defined a common object model in Java to mediate the communication between different Mule applications in a consistent way. A Mule application is being built to use this common object model to process responses from a SOAP API and a REST API and then write the processed results to an order management system.

The developers want Anypoint Studio to utilize these common objects to assist in creating mappings for various transformation steps in the Mule application.

What is the most idiomatic (used for its intended purpose) and performant way to utilize these common objects to map between the inbound and outbound systems in the Mule application?

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Correct Answer: A

Question #3

A marketing organization is designing a Mule application to process campaign dat

a. The Mule application will periodically check for a file in a SFTP location and process the records in the file. The size of the file can vary from 10MB to 5GB. Due to the limited availabiltty of vCores, the Mule application is deployed to a single CloudHub worker configured with vCore size 0.2.

The application must transform and send different formats of this file to three different downstream SFTP locations.

What is the most idiomatic (used for its intended purpose) and performant way to configure the SFTP operations or event sources to process the large files to support these deployment requirements?

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Correct Answer: A

Question #4

A manufacturing company is planning to deploy Mule applications to its own Azure Kubernetes Service infrastructure.

The organization wants to make the Mule applications more available and robust by deploying each Mule application to an isolated Mule runtime in a Docker container while managing all the Mule applications from the MuleSoft-hosted control plane.

What is the most idiomatic (used for its intended purpose) choice of runtime plane to meet these organizational requirements?

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Correct Answer: B

Question #5

The AnyAirline organization's passenger reservations center is designing an integration solution that combines invocations of three different System APIs (bookFlight, bookHotel, and bookCar) in a business transaction. Each System API makes calls to a single database.

The entire business transaction must be rolled back when at least one of the APIs fails.

What is the most idiomatic (used for its intended purpose) way to integrate these APIs in near real-time that provides the best balance of consistency, performance, and reliability?

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Correct Answer: C

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