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Microsoft DA-100 Exam

Certification Provider: Microsoft
Exam Name: Analyzing Data with Microsoft Power BI
Duration: 180 Minutes
Number of questions in our database: 141
Exam Version: Jan. 07, 2022
DA-100 Exam Official Topics:
  • Topic 1: Define A Relationship's Cardinality And Cross-Filter Direction/ Select A Shared Dataset Or Create A Local Dataset
  • Topic 2: Identify Poorly Performing Measures, Relationships, And Visuals/ Apply User-Friendly Value Replacements
  • Topic 3: Resolve Inconsistencies, Unexpected Or Null Values, And Data Quality Issues
  • Topic 4: Create Hierarchies/ Create Calculated Columns/ Apply User-Friendly Naming Conventions To Columns And Queries
  • Topic 5: Apply Data Shape Transformations To Table Structures/ Configure Table And Column Properties
  • Topic 6: Leverage Advanced Editor To Modify Power Query M Code/ Identify And Create Appropriate Keys For Joins
  • Topic 7: Design The Data Model To Meet Performance Requirements/ Evaluate And Transform Column Data Types
  • Topic 8: Improve Cardinality Levels Through Summarization And By Changing Data Types
  • Topic 9: Define The Appropriate Level Of Data Granularity/ Identify And Connect To A Data Source
  • Topic 10: Use Basic Statistical Functions To Enhance Data/ Apply Cross-Filter Direction And Security Filtering
  • Topic 11: Implement Time Intelligence Using Dax/ Identify Query Performance Issues/ Create Semi-Additive Measures
  • Topic 12: Implement Row-Level Security Roles/ Flatten Out A Parent-Child Hierarchy
  • Topic 13: Resolve Many-To-Many Relationships/ Change Data Source Settings/ Examine Data Structures
  • Topic 14: Use Dax To Build Complex Measures/ Use Calculate To Manipulate Filter
  • Topic 15: Replace Numeric Columns With Measures/ Define Role-Playing Dimensions
  • Topic 16: Set Mobile View/ Manage Tiles On A Dashboard/ Use Drillthrough And Cross Filter
  • Topic 17: Design And Configure For Accessibility/ Choose An Appropriate Visualization Type
  • Topic 18: Edit And Configure Interactions Between Visuals/ Configure Conditional Formatting
  • Topic 19: Drilldown Into Data Using Interactive Visuals/ Pin A Live Report Page To A Dashboard Configure Navigation For A Report/ Format And Configure Visualizations/ Configure Data Classification

Free Microsoft DA-100 Exam Actual Questions

The questions for DA-100 were last updated On Jan. 07, 2022

Question #1

You have a Microsoft Power BI report. The size of PBIX file is 550 MB. The report is accessed by using an App workspace in shared capacity of

The report uses an imported dataset that contains one fact table. The fact table contains 12 million rows. The dataset is scheduled to refresh twice a day at 08:00 and 17:00.

The report is a single page that contains 15 AppSource visuals and 10 default visuals.

Users say that the report is slow to load the visuals when they access and interact with the report.

You need to recommend a solution to improve the performance of the report.

What should you recommend?

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Correct Answer: C

DirectQuery: No data is imported or copied into Power BI Desktop.

Import: The selected tables and columns are imported into Power BI Desktop. As you create or interact with a visualization, Power BI Desktop uses the imported data.

Benefits of using DirectQuery

There are a few benefits to using DirectQuery:

DirectQuery lets you build visualizations over very large datasets, where it would otherwise be unfeasible to first import all the data with pre-aggregation.

Underlying data changes can require a refresh of data. For some reports, the need to display current data can require large data transfers, making reimporting data unfeasible. By contrast, DirectQuery reports always use current data.

The 1-GB dataset limitation doesn't apply to DirectQuery.

Question #2

You build a report to help the sales team understand its performance and the drivers of sales. The team needs to have a single visualization to identify which factors affect success. Which type of visualization should you use?

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Correct Answer: A

The key influencers visual helps you understand the factors that drive a metric you're interested in. It analyzes your data, ranks the factors that matter, and displays them as key influencers.

The key influencers visual is a great choice if you want to:

See which factors affect the metric being analyzed.

Contrast the relative importance of these factors. For example, do short-term contracts have more impact on churn than long-term contracts?

Question #3

You have a data model that contains many complex DAX expressions. The expressions contain frequent references to the RELATED and RELATEDTABLE functions.

You need to recommend a solution to minimize the use of the RELATED and RELATEDTABLE functions.

What should you recommend?

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Correct Answer: A

Combining data means connecting to two or more data sources, shaping them as needed, then consolidating them into a useful query.

When you have one or more columns that you'd like to add to another query, you merge the queries.

Note: The RELATEDTABLE function is a shortcut for CALCULATETABLE function with no logical expression.

CALCULATETABLE evaluates a table expression in a modified filter context and returns A table of values.

Question #4

You have a sales system that contains the tables shown in the following table.

The Date table is marked as a date table.

DatelD is the date data type. You need to create an annual sales growth percentage measure.

Which DAX expression should you use?

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Correct Answer: B

SAMEPERIODLASTYEAR returns a table that contains a column of dates shifted one year back in time from the dates in the specified dates column, in the current context.

Question #5

You build a report to analyze customer transactions from a database that contains the tables shown in the following table.

You import the tables.

Which relationship should you use to link the tables?

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Correct Answer: A

Each customer can have many transactions.

For each transaction there is exactly one customer.

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