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Microsoft Exam DP-420 Topic 13 Question 1 Discussion

Actual exam question for Microsoft's DP-420 exam
Question #: 1
Topic #: 13
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You are implementing an Azure Data Factory data flow that will use an Azure Cosmos DB (SQL API) sink to write a dataset. The data flow will use 2,000 Apache Spark partitions.

You need to ensure that the ingestion from each Spark partition is balanced to optimize throughput.

Which sink setting should you configure?

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Suggested Answer: C

Batch size: An integer that represents how many objects are being written to Cosmos DB collection in each batch. Usually, starting with the default batch size is sufficient. To further tune this value, note:

Cosmos DB limits single request's size to 2MB. The formula is 'Request Size = Single Document Size * Batch Size'. If you hit error saying 'Request size is too large', reduce the batch size value.

The larger the batch size, the better throughput the service can achieve, while make sure you allocate enough RUs to empower your workload.

Incorrect Answers:

A: Throughput: Set an optional value for the number of RUs you'd like to apply to your CosmosDB collection for each execution of this data flow. Minimum is 400.

B: Write throughput budget: An integer that represents the RUs you want to allocate for this Data Flow write operation, out of the total throughput allocated to the collection.

D: Collection action: Determines whether to recreate the destination collection prior to writing.

None: No action will be done to the collection.

Recreate: The collection will get dropped and recreated


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