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LSAC Exam LSAT Topic 1 Question 35 Discussion

Actual exam question for LSAC's Law School Admission Test exam
Question #: 35
Topic #: 1
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The Athenians were ___by some soldiers who arrived from Plataea.

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Suggested Answer: B

The Trojan War is one of the most famous wars in history. It is well known for the tenyearduration, for the heroism of a number of legendary characters, and for the Trojanhorse. What may not be familiar, however, is the story of how the war began. According toGreek myth, the strife between the Trojans and the Greeks started at the wedding of Peleus,King of Thessaly, and Thetis, a sea nymph. All of the gods and goddesses had been invitedto the wedding celebration in Troy except Eris, goddesses of discord. She had beenomitted from the guest list because her presence always embroiled mortals and immortalsalike in conflict.To take revenge on those who had slighted her, Eris decided to cause a skirmish. Into themiddle of the banquet hall, she threw a golden apple marked ''for the most beautiful.'' Allof the goddesses began to haggle over who should possess it. The gods and goddessesreached a stalemate when the choice was narrowed to Hera, Athena, and Aphrodite.Someone was needed to settle the controversy by picking a winner. The job eventually fellto Paris, son of King Priam of Troy, who was said to be a good judge of beauty.Paris did not have an easy job. Each goddess, eager to win the golden apple, triedaggressively to bribe him.''I'll grant you vast kingdoms to rule, '' promised Hera. ''Vast kingdoms are nothing incomparison with my gift,'' contradicted Athena. ''Choose me and I'll see that you winvictory and fame in war.'' Aphrodite outdid her adversaries, however. She won the goldenapple by offering Helen, Zeus' daughter and the most beautiful mortal, to Paris. Paris,anxious to claim Helen, set off for Sparta in Greece.Although Paris learned that Helen was married, he accepted the hospitality of her husband,King Menelasu of Sparta, anyway. Therefore, Menelaus was outraged for a number ofreasons when Paris departed, taking Helen and much of the king's wealth back to Troy.Menelaus collected his loyal forces and set sail for Troy to begin the war to reclaim Helen.

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