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Juniper JN0-252 Exam Questions

Exam Name: Mist AI, Associate
Exam Code: JN0-252
Related Certification(s): Juniper Mist AI Certification Certification
Certification Provider: Juniper
Number of JN0-252 practice questions in our database: 65 (updated: Jul. 16, 2024)
Expected JN0-252 Exam Topics, as suggested by Juniper :
  • Topic 1: Juniper Mist Cloud Fundamentals: This section covers AI concepts, machine learning, benefits of cloud-based management, Juniper Mist cloud capabilities, and use cases.
  • Topic 2: Juniper Mist Configuration Basics: In this section, the exam covers user account creation and management. It also covers account role capabilities, authentication methods, initial configurations (factory defaults, device claiming, organization/site management), template usage, labels and policies, advanced configurations (subscriptions, certificates, auto-provisioning), etc.
  • Topic 3: Juniper Mist Network Operations and Management: In this section, the focus is on Wi-Fi Assurance benefits and features, Wired Assurance benefits and features, WAN Assurance benefits and features, etc.
  • Topic 4: Juniper Mist Monitoring and Analytics: In this section, the focus is on SLEs, Packet captures, Juniper Mist insights, Alerts, and Audit logs.
  • Topic 5: Marvis? Virtual Network Assistant AI: In this section, the focus is on Marvis actions (org-level, site-level), and Marvis queries.
  • Topic 6: Location-based services: This section covers Juniper Mist vBLE concepts (asset visibility, vBLE engagement).
  • Topic 7: Juniper Mist Cloud Operations: In this final section, the focus is on API types (RESTful, Websocket, Webhook), and support options (tickets, update information, documentation).
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Free Juniper JN0-252 Exam Actual Questions

Note: Premium Questions for JN0-252 were last updated On Jul. 16, 2024 (see below)

Question #1


..exhibit displays the connection now tot an API interaction sequence ich API type is displayed?

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Correct Answer: D

The exhibit displays an interaction sequence typical of RESTful APIs, which use HTTP methods such as GET, POST, PUT, and DELETE to perform operations on resources. RESTful APIs are characterized by their statelessness and reliance on standard HTTP methods, making them a popular choice for web services and applications.

Juniper Mist API Documentation

RESTful Web Services Overview

Question #2

Which two statements about WLAN templates are correct? (Choose two.)

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Correct Answer: A, C

WLAN Templates Overview: WLAN templates in Mist AI are used to standardize and manage wireless configurations across multiple locations and devices. They help in maintaining consistent wireless settings and policies throughout the network.

Deployment to the Whole Organization: WLAN templates can indeed be deployed at the organization level. This allows the configurations defined in the template to be applied across all sites and access points within the organization. This approach simplifies the management and ensures uniformity across the network (Juniper Networks) (CertEnsure).

Deployment to a Certain Site: WLAN templates can also be applied to specific sites. This is useful for organizations with multiple sites having unique wireless requirements. By applying templates at the site level, administrators can tailor configurations to meet local needs while still maintaining control through central management (CertEnsure).

Incorrect Options:

Deployed to a Switch: WLAN templates are not deployed to individual switches. They are specific to wireless configurations and thus pertain to access points and wireless settings.

Deployed to a Policy: While policies can be part of WLAN configurations, templates themselves are not deployed directly to policies. Policies are typically components within the templates.

Juniper Networks Documentation: WLAN Templates

Question #3

What is used in Wireless Assurance to evaluate Information about possible network faults?

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Correct Answer: D

Machine Learning in Wireless Assurance: Mist's Wireless Assurance uses machine learning to analyze telemetry data and identify potential network issues. This approach allows for proactive identification and resolution of faults, improving overall network reliability and performance.

Juniper Networks Documentation

Question #4

An organization administrator, what are two ways to configure additional layers of security for administrator logins? (Choose two.)

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Correct Answer: B, C

Enable Two-Factor Authentication (2FA): Adding 2FA to administrator logins significantly enhances security by requiring a second form of verification in addition to the password, making unauthorized access more difficult.

Enable a Password Policy: Implementing a strong password policy ensures that passwords meet certain complexity and length requirements, reducing the risk of brute force attacks.

Juniper Networks Documentation

Question #5

Which two statements are true about Juniper Mist Wireless Assurance Radio Resource Management (RRM)? (Choose two.)

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