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ISC2 Certified Cloud Security Professional Exam

Certification Provider: ISC2
Exam Name: Certified Cloud Security Professional
Number of questions in our database: 512
Exam Version: Nov. 20, 2022
Exam Official Topics:
  • Topic 1: Understand Cloud Computing Concepts/ Cloud Computing Definitions
  • Topic 2: Cloud Computing Roles/ Key Cloud Computing Characteristics/ Building Block Technologies
  • Topic 3: Describe Cloud Reference Architecture/ Cloud Service Capabilities/ Cloud Deployment Models
  • Topic 4: Understand Security Concepts Relevant to Cloud Computing/ Data and Media Sanitization/ Cryptography and Key Management
  • Topic 5: Understand Design Principles of Secure Cloud Computing/ Virtualization Security
  • Topic 6: Design and Implement Cloud Data Storage Architectures/ Functional Security Requirements/ Cloud Data Life Cycle Phases
  • Topic 7: Design and Apply Data Security Technologies and Strategies/ Encryption and Key Management/ Data De-identification
  • Topic 8: Design and Implement Auditability, Traceability and Accountability of Data Events/ Definition of Event Sources and Requirement of Identity Attribution
  • Topic 9: Comprehend Cloud Infrastructure Components Physical Environment, Network and Communications
  • Topic 10: Analyze Risks Associated with Cloud Infrastructure/ Cloud Vulnerabilities, Threats and Attacks
  • Topic 11: Use Verified Secure Software?Approved Application Programming Interfaces (API)/ Virtualization Systems Protection
  • Topic 12: Advocate Training and Awareness for Application Security/ Physical and Environmental Protection

Free ISC2 Certified Cloud Security Professional Exam Actual Questions

The questions for Certified Cloud Security Professional were last updated On Nov. 20, 2022

Question #1

The most pragmatic option for data disposal in the cloud is which of the following?

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Correct Answer: A

We don't have physical ownership, control, or even access to the devices holding the data, so physical destruction, including melting, is not an option. Overwriting is a possibility, but it is complicated by the difficulty of locating all the sectors and storage areas that might have contained our data, and by the likelihood that constant backups in the cloud increase the chance we'll miss something as it's being overwritten. Cryptoshredding is the only reasonable alternative. Cold fusion is a red herring.

Question #2

In the cloud motif, the data processor is usually:

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Correct Answer: B

In legal terms, when ''data processor'' is defined, it refers to anyone who stores, handles, moves, or manipulates data on behalf of the data owner or controller. In the cloud computing realm, this is the cloud provider.

Question #3

What is the intellectual property protection for the tangible expression of a creative idea?

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Correct Answer: B

Copyrights are protected tangible expressions of creative works. The other answers listed are answers to subsequent questions.

Question #4

All of the following are terms used to described the practice of obscuring original raw data so that only a portion is displayed for operational purposes, except:

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Correct Answer: C

Data discovery is a term used to describe the process of identifying information according to specific traits or categories. The rest are all methods for obscuring data.

Question #5

All the following are data analytics modes, except:

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Correct Answer: C

All the others are data analytics methods, but ''refractory iterations'' is a nonsense term thrown in as a red herring.

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