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IMANET Exam CMA Topic 4 Question 15 Discussion

Actual exam question for IMANET's Certified Management Accountant exam
Question #: 15
Topic #: 4
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On January 1, Crane Company will acquire a new asset that costs $400,000 and is anticipated to have a salvage value of $30,000 at the end 014 years. The new asset

* Qualifies as 3-year property under the Modified Accelerated Cost Recovery System (MACRS).

* Will replace an old asset that currently has a tax basis of $80,000 and can be sold now for $60,000.

* Will continue to generate the same operating revenues as the old asset ($200,000 per year). However, savings in operating costs will be experienced as follows: a total of $1 20.000 in each of the first 3 years and $90,000 in the fourth year. Crane is subject to a 40% tax rate and rounds all computations to the nearest dollar. Assume that any gain or loss affects the taxes paid at the end of the year in which it occurred. The company uses the net present value method to analyze projects using the following factors and rates:

The discounted net-of-tax amount that should be factored into Crane Company's analysis for the disposal transaction is?

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Suggested Answer: C

The old asset can be sold for $60,000, producing an immediate cash inflow of that amount. This sale will result in a $20,000 loss for tax purposes ($80,000 --- $60,000). At a 40% tax rate, the loss, which is deemed to affect taxes paid at the end of the first year, will provide a tax savings (cash inflow) of $8,000. Because the $8,000 savings is treated as occurring at the end of the first year, it must be discounted. This discounted (present) value is $7,040 ($8,000 x .88 PV of $1 at 14% for one period). Combining the $60,000 initial inflow with the $7,040 of tax savings results in a net-of-tax amount of $67,040.


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