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IBM S1000-007 Exam

Certification Provider: IBM
Exam Name: IBM AIX v7 Administrator Specialty
Number of questions in our database: 46
Exam Version: Apr. 10, 2024
S1000-007 Exam Official Topics:
  • Topic 1: Manage services using System Resource Controller (SRC)/ Define AIX management tools including SMIT
  • Topic 2: Monitor for hardware and software messages using errpt, syslog and alog/ Create and troubleshoot a shell script
  • Topic 3: Manage root volume group specific tasks/ Create and verify a system backup using mksysb, volume group backups with savevg
  • Topic 4: Use diag for basic troubleshooting and maintenance/ Scheduling execution of commands using cron, at, batch
  • Topic 5: Define the requirements to generate files for IBM support/ Manage the AIX boot and shutdown sequence
  • Topic 6: Manage hosts and name resolution order/ Manage file backups and file archives
  • Topic 7: Expand and monitor usage of the paging space/ Define the process lifecycle and priorities
  • Topic 8: Explain the difference between logical, physical and virtual CPU/ Document the systems configuration
  • Topic 9: Troubleshoot client log-in issues/ Identify the LPAR configuration
  • Topic 10: Define basic IO performance concepts/ Manage open source packages with rpm
  • Topic 11: Manage network services with inetd/ Performance Manaement & Tuning
  • Topic 12: Troubleshoot the file system/ Manage devices and attributes/ Manage basic system security
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Free IBM S1000-007 Exam Actual Questions

The questions for S1000-007 were last updated On Apr. 10, 2024

Question #1

A customer calls to complain about slow workload performance but offers no additional details. What should the administrator do next?

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Correct Answer: A

When a customer calls with a complaint about slow workload performance, it is important to ask for additional details to help pinpoint the source of the issue. This could include details such as which application or process is running slowly, what errors are appearing, how long the issue has been occurring, etc. Having this information will help the administrator to determine the cause of the problem and determine the best course of action. Reference: IBM AIX v7 Administrator Specialty Study Guide (page 5-29).

Question #2

While executing the following extendvg command, the system administrator receives the following error:

The administrator used the chvg -t command to fix the error.

What is the implication of running this command?

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Correct Answer: D

The chvg command with the -t option is used to reduce the maximum number of physical volumes (PVs) allowed in a volume group (VG). This is necessary when the number of PVs in a VG exceeds the maximum allowed. Reference: IBM AIX v7 Administration Specialty Study Guide (section 10.3.3, pp. 641-642).

Question #3

Which logical volume Mirror Write Consistency policy should an AIX V7.2 administrator use to achieve the data consistency between mirrors?

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Correct Answer: C

The superstrict mirror write consistency policy is the most reliable policy for achieving data consistency between mirrors in AIX V7.2. This policy will maintain the data consistency between mirrors by writing the data to both mirrors before the write operation is acknowledged as complete. Reference: IBM AIX v7 Administration Specialty Study Guide (section 10.6.2, pp. 651-652).

Question #4

An AIX system is defined as a NIM client with -a connect=shell. The client system is up and running. The client can ping the NIM master, and the master can ping the client. The administrator of the NIM master system attempts to use NIM to install software updates on the NIM client, but receives the error message Permission denied.

What can the administrator of the AIX NIM client do to help resolve the problem?

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Question #5

How are console log messages recorded by AIX?

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Correct Answer: B

AIX provides the syslog service to record console log messages. The syslog service is used to control the logging of system messages and can be used to record and store the log messages in different formats. The syslog service is enabled through the use of the alog and errdemon commands. The alog command is used to view the log messages that are stored in the /var/adm/syslog/syslog.log file, while the errdemon command is used to control the logging of system messages. Reference: IBM AIX v7 Administrator Specialty Study Guide.

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