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Huawei H13-511_v4.0 Exam Questions

Exam Name: HCIA Cloud Computing V4.0
Exam Code: H13-511_v4.0
Related Certification(s): Huawei HCIA Cloud Computing Certification
Certification Provider: Huawei
Number of H13-511_v4.0 practice questions in our database: 253 (updated: Jul. 01, 2024)
Expected H13-511_v4.0 Exam Topics, as suggested by Huawei :
  • Topic 1: Cloud Computing Basics: Under this topic, students will explore the fundamentals of cloud computing, including its history, current trends, and the diverse technologies that power it. The sub-topics offer an insightful journey through the world of cloud computing, providing a strong foundation for understanding its role in IT development.
  • Topic 2: Server Basics: The section on Server Basics equips students with essential knowledge about servers. From introducing the core nature and function of servers to exploring the key technologies that drive them, this topic serves as a comprehensive guide to the fundamental aspects of servers and their role in computing.
  • Topic 3: Storage Technology Basics: This topic, Storage Technology Basics, offers an introduction to the field of storage technologies. Covering the basics of storage and delving into prominent storage technologies, it provides students with a solid understanding of the concepts and tools used in modern data storage systems.
  • Topic 4: Network Technology Basics: This topic encompasses the fundamental concepts of networking. Students will explore the building blocks of networking, including IP addresses, switching, and routing. The sub-topics ensure a comprehensive understanding of network technologies, enabling students to grasp the fundamentals of how data is transmitted and interconnected.
  • Topic 5: Operating System Basics: The topic provides an insightful look into the world of operating systems. Beginning with an introduction to the concept of operating systems, this topic also covers basic operations in Linux, one of the most widely used operating systems.
  • Topic 6: Virtualization: It focuses on the concept of virtualization and its application. Students will learn about mainstream virtualization technologies and delve into the specifics of Huawei's virtualization platform.
  • Topic 7: Huawei Virtualization Platform: This topic provides an introduction to Huawei's virtualization offerings. It covers the overview, planning, and deployment of their virtualization platform.
  • Topic 8: Huawei Virtualization Platform Management and Usage: It delves into the operational aspects of Huawei's virtualization technology. Students will learn about compute, storage, and network virtualization within the FusionCompute platform.
  • Topic 9: Overview of FusionAccess: The section on Overview of FusionAccess provides a high-level introduction to Huawei's FusionAccess solution. Students will gain insights into the nature and features of FusionAccess, the underlying HDP technology, and its various components.
  • Topic 10: FusionAccess: Planning and Deployment: This topic delves into the practical aspects of implementing Huawei's FusionAccess solution. It guides students through the process of planning and deploying FusionAccess components, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of the installation and initial configuration steps.
  • Topic 11: FusionAccess: Service Provisioning: This topic focuses on the process of delivering and managing services within the FusionAccess platform. Students will learn about service encapsulation and the creation of templates, which are essential for efficient service provisioning.
  • Topic 12: FusionAccess: Features and Management: This topic explores the extensive capabilities and administrative aspects of Huawei's FusionAccess solution. The topic covers policy management, service adjustment, and the overall operation and maintenance (O&M) of FusionAccess.
  • Topic 13: Cloud Computing Trends: This topic offers an insightful look into the evolving world of cloud computing. Students will be introduced to OpenStack, a prominent open-source cloud computing platform, and explore the latest emerging technologies in this field.
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7 days ago
Just passed the HCIA Cloud Computing V4.0 exam! Watch out for questions on OpenStack components and their functions. Be prepared to identify which service handles specific tasks in a cloud environment. Make sure you thoroughly understand the role of Nova, Neutron, and Glance. Thanks to Pass4Success for their spot-on practice questions that helped me prepare efficiently!
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Free Huawei H13-511_v4.0 Exam Actual Questions

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Question #1

The storage resource types supported by Huawei FusionCompute are (multi-select)

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Correct Answer: A, B, C, D, E

Question #2

What does not reflect the features of cloud computing on-demand self-service in the following options are

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Correct Answer: D

Question #3

The storage resource types supported by Huawei FusionCompute are (multi-select)

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Correct Answer: A, B, C, D, E

Question #4

Cloud computing is the product of the development of the Internet and computing technology, so cloud computing must be inseparable from the network

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Correct Answer: A

Question #5

Which operating system can format a disk to NTFS?

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Correct Answer: B

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