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Google Cloud Architect Professional Exam

Certification Provider: Google
Exam Name: Google Cloud Architect Professional
Duration: 120 Minutes
Number of questions in our database: 261
Exam Version: Aug. 06, 2022
Exam Official Topics:
  • Topic 1: Designing a Solution Infrastructure that Meets Business Requirements/ Business Use Cases and Product Strategy
  • Topic 2: Designing a Solution Infrastructure that Meets Technical Requirements/ High Availability and Failover Design
  • Topic 3: Designing Network, Storage, and Compute Resources/ Integration with on Premises/Multi-Cloud Environments
  • Topic 4: Cloud Native Networking (VPC, Peering, Firewalls, Container Networking)/ Identification of Data Processing Pipeline
  • Topic 5: Creating a Migration Plan (i.e., documents and architectural diagrams)/ Integrating Solution with Existing Systems
  • Topic 6: Envisioning Future Solution Improvements/ Cloud and Technology Improvements/ Evangelism and Advocacy
  • Topic 7: Managing and Provisioning Solution Infrastructure/ Configuring Network Topologies, Extending to on-Premise
  • Topic 8: Extending to a Multi-Cloud Environment Which May Include GCP to GCP Communication/ Configuring Individual Storage Systems
  • Topic 9: Data Processing/Compute Provisioning/ Network Configuration for Data Transfer and Latency/ Data Growth Management
  • Topic 10: Designing for Security and Compliance/ Resource Hierarchy (organizations, folders, projects)/ Managing Customer-Supplied Encryption Keys with Cloud KMS
  • Topic 11: Analyzing and Pptimizing Technical and Business Processes/ Analyzing and Defining Technical Processes, Software Development Lifecycle Plan
  • Topic 12: Managing Implementation/ Ensuring Solution and Operations Reliability/ Deployment and Release Management
  • Topic 13:

Free Google Google Cloud Architect Professional Exam Actual Questions

The questions for Google Cloud Architect Professional were last updated On Aug. 06, 2022

Question #1

You are working with a data warehousing team that performs data analysis. The team needs to process data from external partners, but the data contains personally identifiable information (PlI). You need to process and store the data without storing any of the Pll dat

a. What should you do?

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Correct Answer: A

Create a Dataflow pipeline to retrieve the data from the external sources, he did not specify the way he is going to create it, it might be a pub/sub or external table or whatever.

Question #2

You are implementing the infrastructure for a web service on Google Cloud. The web service needs to receive and store the data from 500,000 requests per second. The data will be queried later in real time, based on exact matches of a known set of attributes. There will be periods where the web service will not receive any requests. The business wants to keep costs low. Which web service platform and database should you use for the application?

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Question #3

You are developing an application using different microservices that should remain internal to the cluster. You want to be able to configure each microservice with a specific number of replicas. You also want to be able to address a specific microservice from any other microservice in a uniform way, regardless of the number of replicas the microservice scales to. You need to implement this solution on Google Kubernetes Engine. What should you do?

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Question #4

Your company has a networking team and a development team. The development team runs applications on Compute Engine instances that contain sensitive dat

a. The development team requires administrative permissions for Compute Engine. Your company requires all network resources to be managed by the networking team. The development team does not want the networking team to have access to the sensitive data on the instances. What should you do?

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Question #5

Your company wants you to build a highly reliable web application with a few public APIs as the backend. You don't expect a lot of user traffic, but traffic could spike occasionally. You want to leverage Cloud Load Balancing, and the solution must be cost-effective for users. What should you do?

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