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Google Cloud Architect Professional Exam

Certification Provider: Google
Exam Name: Google Cloud Architect Professional
Duration: 120 Minutes
Number of questions in our database: 221
Exam Version: Jul. 20, 2021
Exam Official Topics:
  • Topic 1: Designing a Solution Infrastructure that Meets Business Requirements/ Business Use Cases and Product Strategy
  • Topic 2: Designing a Solution Infrastructure that Meets Technical Requirements/ High Availability and Failover Design
  • Topic 3: Designing Network, Storage, and Compute Resources/ Integration with on Premises/Multi-Cloud Environments
  • Topic 4: Cloud Native Networking (VPC, Peering, Firewalls, Container Networking)/ Identification of Data Processing Pipeline
  • Topic 5: Creating a Migration Plan (i.e., documents and architectural diagrams)/ Integrating Solution with Existing Systems
  • Topic 6: Envisioning Future Solution Improvements/ Cloud and Technology Improvements/ Evangelism and Advocacy
  • Topic 7: Managing and Provisioning Solution Infrastructure/ Configuring Network Topologies, Extending to on-Premise
  • Topic 8: Extending to a Multi-Cloud Environment Which May Include GCP to GCP Communication/ Configuring Individual Storage Systems
  • Topic 9: Data Processing/Compute Provisioning/ Network Configuration for Data Transfer and Latency/ Data Growth Management
  • Topic 10: Designing for Security and Compliance/ Resource Hierarchy (organizations, folders, projects)/ Managing Customer-Supplied Encryption Keys with Cloud KMS
  • Topic 11: Analyzing and Pptimizing Technical and Business Processes/ Analyzing and Defining Technical Processes, Software Development Lifecycle Plan
  • Topic 12: Managing Implementation/ Ensuring Solution and Operations Reliability/ Deployment and Release Management
  • Topic 13:

Free Google Google Cloud Architect Professional Exam Actual Questions

The questions for Google Cloud Architect Professional were last updated On Jul. 20, 2021

Question #1

For this question, refer to the Mountkirk Games case study

Mountkirk Games needs to create a repeatable and configurable mechanism for deploying isolated application environments. Developers and testers can access each other's environments and resources, but they cannot access staging or production resources. The staging environment needs access to some services from production.

What should you do to isolate development environments from staging and production?

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Correct Answer: D

Question #2

For this question, refer to the Mountkirk Games case study.

Mountkirk Games wants to set up a real-time analytics platform for their new game. The new platform must meet their technical requirements. Which combination of Google technologies will meet all of their requirements?

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Correct Answer: B

A real time requires Stream / Messaging so Pub/Sub, Analytics by Big Query.

Ingest millions of streaming events per second from anywhere in the world with Cloud Pub/Sub, powered by Google's unique, high-speed private network. Process the streams with Cloud Dataflow to ensure reliable, exactly-once, low-latency data transformation. Stream the transformed data into BigQuery, the cloud-native data warehousing service, for immediate analysis via SQL or popular visualization tools.

From scenario: They plan to deploy the game's backend on Google Compute Engine so they can capture streaming metrics, run intensive analytics.

Requirements for Game Analytics Platform

* Dynamically scale up or down based on game activity

* Process incoming data on the fly directly from the game servers

* Process data that arrives late because of slow mobile networks

* Allow SQL queries to access at least 10 TB of historical data

* Process files that are regularly uploaded by users' mobile devices

* Use only fully managed services


Question #3

For this question, refer to the TerramEarth case study.

TerramEarth's CTO wants to use the raw data from connected vehicles to help identify approximately when a vehicle in the development team to focus their failure. You want to allow analysts to centrally query the vehicle data. Which architecture should you recommend?





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Question #4

For this question, refer to the TerramEarth case study.

The TerramEarth development team wants to create an API to meet the company's business requirements. You want the development team to focus their development effort on business value versus creating a custom framework. Which method should they use?

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Correct Answer: A

Develop, deploy, protect and monitor your APIs with Google Cloud Endpoints. Using an Open API Specification or one of our API frameworks, Cloud Endpoints gives you the tools you need for every phase of API development.

From scenario:

Business Requirements

Decrease unplanned vehicle downtime to less than 1 week, without increasing the cost of carrying surplus inventory

Support the dealer network with more data on how their customers use their equipment to better position new products and services

Have the ability to partner with different companies -- especially with seed and fertilizer suppliers in the fast-growing agricultural business -- to create compelling joint offerings for their customers.


Question #5

For this question, refer to the TerramEarth case study

Your development team has created a structured API to retrieve vehicle data. They want to allow third parties to develop tools for dealerships that use this vehicle event data. You want to support delegated authorization against this data. What should you do?

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Correct Answer: A

Delegate application authorization with OAuth2

Cloud Platform APIs support OAuth 2.0, and scopes provide granular authorization over the methods that are supported. Cloud Platform supports both service-account and user-account OAuth, also called three-legged OAuth.


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