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Google Professional ChromeOS Administrator Exam

Exam Name: Professional ChromeOS Administrator
Exam Code: Professional ChromeOS Administrator
Related Certification(s): Google ChromeOS Administrator Certification
Certification Provider: Google
Number of Professional ChromeOS Administrator practice questions in our database: 60 (updated: Jun. 03, 2024)
Expected Professional ChromeOS Administrator Exam Topics, as suggested by Google :
  • Topic 1: Perform actions from the Admin console: This topic delves into troubleshooting customer concerns, setting up a trial, pushing applications, and performing device actions from the Admin console.
  • Topic 2: Understand ChromeOS security processes: It focuses on deploying certificates and uChromeOS policies.
  • Topic 3: Configure ChromeOS policies: This topic discusses understanding and configuring ChromeOS policies.
  • Topic 4: Identity Management: The primary focus of the topic identity management is on identity features.
  • Topic 5: Understand ChromeOS tenets: It discusses ChromeOS best practices and customers on chromeOS tenets.
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Free Google Professional ChromeOS Administrator Exam Actual Questions

Note: Premium Questions for Professional ChromeOS Administrator were last updated On Jun. 03, 2024 (see below)

Question #1

Your network administrator wants to block Google services traffic. What is the result?

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Correct Answer: A

Blocking Google services traffic will prevent Chrome devices from accessing any Google-owned domains, including This will directly impact Google Search, as it relies on communication with Google servers to provide results.

Other Google services like Gmail, YouTube, Google Drive, etc., will also be inaccessible. However, the Chrome device itself will not crash, as it can still function with other websites and applications.

Question #2

What is a best practice for admin accounts on the Google Admin console?

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Correct Answer: C

The principle of least privilege dictates that users should only have the minimum access necessary to perform their job functions. This applies to super admins as well. Using a separate user account for daily activities reduces the risk of accidental misconfiguration or unauthorized changes due to the elevated privileges associated with the super admin role.

Security:By using a separate account,super admins limit the potential attack surface in case their regular account is compromised.

Accountability:It's easier to track actions and changes when different accounts are used for different purposes.

Recovery:If the super admin account is locked or disabled,having a separate account allows for easier recovery.

Question #3

A customer deploys a large number of ChromeOS devices and would like to start the process of turning on Zero-Touch Enrollment (ZTE) to streamline their deployment process. As an administrator, what would be required to enable ZTE?

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Correct Answer: B

Zero-touch enrollment (ZTE) automates the device enrollment process when users first power on their ChromeOS devices. Before you can enable ZTE, you need to determine the organizational unit (OU) where the devices should be placed during enrollment. This is crucial because different OUs can have different policies and configurations applied to them.

Plan Your OU Structure:If you haven't already,create a well-organized OU structure in your Google Admin console that reflects your organization's hierarchy and device management needs.

Select the Target OU:Choose the specific OU where you want the ZTE-enrolled devices to reside.Consider factors like department,location,or device type when making your decision.

Once you've identified the appropriate OU, you can proceed with creating a zero-touch enrollment token and associating it with that OU. This will ensure that newly enrolled devices are automatically placed in the correct OU and inherit the desired policies.

Question #4

You are tasked with adding a security key to a single user account Where should you navigate to?

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Correct Answer: B

To add a security key to a specific user account in the Google Admin console, follow these steps:

Sign in to Google Admin console:Use your administrator credentials to access the console.

Navigate to Users:Click on 'Users' in the left sidebar to view the list of users in your domain.

Select User:Choose the specific user account to which you want to add the security key.

Go to Security Tab:In the user's profile,click on the 'Security' tab.

Add Security Key:Under the '2-Step Verification' section,you'll find the option to add a security key.Follow the on-screen instructions to register the security key with the user's account.

This method allows you to manage the security settings of individual users, including the addition of security keys for enhanced login protection.

Question #5

How would you deploy a Progressive Web Application to all managed user accounts?

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Correct Answer: A

To deploy a Progressive Web Application (PWA) to all managed user accounts, follow these steps in the Google Admin console:

Sign in to Google Admin console:Use your administrator credentials to access the console.

Navigate to Device Management:Go to Devices > Chrome > Settings > Apps & extensions.

Select User or Group:Choose the top-level organizational unit or a specific group to apply the PWA deployment.

Add by URL:Click on the yellow '+' icon and select 'Add by URL.'

Enter PWA URL:Paste the URL of the PWA you want to deploy.

Configure Installation Policy:Select 'Force install' to ensure the PWA is automatically installed for all users within the selected scope.

This method allows you to centrally manage and deploy PWAs across your organization, making them easily accessible to users on their ChromeOS devices.

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