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Fortinet FCP_FCT_AD-7.2 Exam

Exam Name: FCP - FortiClient EMS 7.2 Administrator
Exam Code: FCP_FCT_AD-7.2
Related Certification(s):
  • Fortinet Certified Professional Certifications
  • Fortinet FCP Fortinet Certified Professional Network Security Certifications
Certification Provider: Fortinet
Number of FCP_FCT_AD-7.2 practice questions in our database: 53 (updated: Jun. 03, 2024)
Expected FCP_FCT_AD-7.2 Exam Topics, as suggested by Fortinet :
  • Topic 1: FortiClient EMS setup: This topic discusses the initial configuration of FortiClient EMS, configuration of Chromebooks, and configuration of FortiClient EMS features.
  • Topic 2: FortiClient provisioning and deployment: It discusses deployment of FortiClient on Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android endpoints, and configuration of endpoint profiles.
  • Topic 3: Security Fabric integration: The topic focuses on Security Fabric integration with FortiClient EMS, automatic quarantine of compromised endpoints, ZTNA solution, and IP/MAC ZTNA filtering.
  • Topic 4: Diagnostics: It analyzes diagnostic information to troubleshoot issues related FortiClient EMS and FortiClient. Moreover, it focuses on resolving common FortiClient deployment and implementation issues.
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Free Fortinet FCP_FCT_AD-7.2 Exam Actual Questions

Note: Premium Questions for FCP_FCT_AD-7.2 were last updated On Jun. 03, 2024 (see below)

Question #1

Which component or device defines ZTNA lag information in the Security Fabric integration?

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Correct Answer: C

Understanding ZTNA:

Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA) requires defining tags for identifying and managing endpoint access.

Evaluating Components:

FortiClient EMS is responsible for managing and defining ZTNA tag information within the Security Fabric.


The correct component that defines ZTNA tag information in the Security Fabric integration is FortiClient EMS.

ZTNA and FortiClient EMS configuration documentation from the study guides.

Question #2

Refer to the exhibit.

Based on the settings shown in the exhibit what action will FortiClient take when it detects that a user is trying to download an infected file?

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Correct Answer: D

Block Malicious Website has nothing to do with infected files. Since Realtime Protection is OFF, it will be allowed without being scanned.

Based on the settings shown in the exhibit:

Realtime Protection: OFF

Dynamic Threat Detection: OFF

Block malicious websites: ON

Threats Detected: 75

The 'Realtime Protection' setting is crucial for preventing infected files from being downloaded and executed. Since 'Realtime Protection' is OFF, FortiClient will not actively scan files being downloaded. The setting 'Block malicious websites' is intended to prevent access to known malicious websites but does not scan files for infections.

Therefore, when a user tries to download an infected file, FortiClient will allow the file to download without scanning it due to the Realtime Protection being OFF.


FortiClient EMS 7.2 Study Guide, Antivirus Protection Section

Fortinet Documentation on FortiClient Real-time Protection Settings

Question #3

An administrator deploys a FortiClient installation through the Microsoft AD group policy After installation is complete all the custom configuration is missing.

What could have caused this problem?

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Correct Answer: D

When deploying FortiClient via Microsoft AD Group Policy, it is essential to ensure that the deployment package is correctly assigned to the target group. The absence of custom configuration after installation can be due to several reasons, but the most likely cause is:

Deployment Package Assignment: The FortiClient package must be assigned to the appropriate group in Group Policy Management. If this step is missed, the installation may proceed, but the custom configurations will not be applied.

Thus, the administrator must ensure that the FortiClient package is correctly assigned to the group to include all custom configurations.


FortiClient EMS 7.2 Study Guide, Deployment and Installation Section

Fortinet Documentation on FortiClient Deployment using Microsoft AD Group Policy

Question #4

Refer to the exhibits.

Based on the FortiGate Security Fabric settings shown in the exhibits, what must an administrator do on the EMS server to successfully quarantine an endpoint. when it is detected as a compromised host (loC)?

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Correct Answer: A

Based on the FortiGate Security Fabric settings shown in the exhibits, to successfully quarantine an endpoint when it is detected as a compromised host (IOC), the following step is required:

Enable Remote HTTPS Access to EMS: This setting allows FortiGate to communicate securely with FortiClient EMS over HTTPS. Remote HTTPS access is essential for the quarantine functionality to operate correctly, enabling the EMS server to receive and act upon the quarantine commands from FortiGate.

Therefore, the administrator must enable remote HTTPS access to EMS to allow the quarantine process to function properly.


FortiGate Infrastructure 7.2 Study Guide, Security Fabric and Integration with EMS Sections

Fortinet Documentation on Enabling Remote HTTPS Access to FortiClient EMS

Question #5

Which statement about FortiClient comprehensive endpoint protection is true?

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Correct Answer: D

FortiClient provides comprehensive endpoint protection for your Windows-based, Mac-based, and Linuxbased desktops, laptops, file servers, and mobile devices such as iOS and Android. It helps you to safeguard your systems with advanced security technologies, all of which you can manage from a single management console.

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