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Exin SIAM Professional Exam Questions

Exam Name: EXIN SIAM Professional Exam
Exam Code: EXIN SIAM Professional Exam
Related Certification(s): Exin SIAM Certification Certification
Certification Provider: Exin
Number of EXIN SIAM Professional Exam practice questions in our database: 40 (updated: Jul. 12, 2024)
Expected EXIN SIAM Professional Exam Topics, as suggested by Exin :
  • Topic 1: Discovery and Strategy: In this section, the focus is given to identifying service integration needs and designing the SIAM model.
  • Topic 2: Plan and Build: This section of the exam focuses on defining roles, responsibilities, processes, and technologies for SIAM adoption and deployment.
  • Topic 3: Implement: In this section, the focus is given to using the SIAM framework in action and establishing governance.
  • Topic 4: Run and Improve: In this part, candidates are tested for their ability to operate the SIAM framework. It also covers improving monitoring the performance and making sure that necessary adjustments are made.
  • Topic 5: SIAM Practices Across the Stages: In this section of the exam, the focus is given to the application of core practices throughout the whole lifecycle.
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Free Exin EXIN SIAM Professional Exam Exam Actual Questions

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Question #1

- ZYX has selected OUTSCO to be the service integrator, provide hosting for the mainframes and servers, and the wide area network for ZYX - ZYXS will provide the service desk for the SIAM ecosystem.

- All other service providers with rolling contracts will continue to provide their services

- The CIO has asked for the development of a tooling strategy for the SIAM ecosystem.

- The CEO wants to achieve an optimum balance between cost and data integrity.

What tooling strategy should ZYX use?

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Correct Answer: A

Tooling Strategy Requirements: The tooling strategy must achieve a balance between cost and data integrity, as specified by the CEO.

Service Integrator's Role: OUTSCO, as the service integrator, has a central role in the SIAM ecosystem. Ensuring that all service providers use the OUTSCO toolset or integrate with it promotes consistency and data integrity.

Cost-Effective Integration: Integrating with the OUTSCO toolset avoids the high costs associated with re-keying data from disparate toolsets, which can be prone to errors and inconsistencies.

Unified Toolset Benefits:

Consistency: Using a common toolset ensures consistent processes and reporting across all service providers.

Data Integrity: A single toolset minimizes the risk of data loss or corruption during integrations.

Efficiency: It enhances efficiency in incident, problem, and change management processes.

Alternative Options:

Forcing all providers to use the OUTSCO toolset within six months (Option B) may be impractical and disruptive.

Using the ZYXS toolset (Option C) does not align with the central role of OUTSCO as the service integrator.

Allowing each provider to use their own toolsets with manual integration (Option D) is costly and risks data integrity issues.

SIAM Foundation Body of Knowledge (BoK), Chapter on Tooling and Information Management

SIAM Professional Body of Knowledge (BoK), Toolset Integration Sections

Question #2

ZYX has implemented a SIAM structure, appointing SIAMRUS as the service integrator.

The SIAM strategy is to consolidate to a smaller number of service providers over time as existing contracts expire Until then. ZYX wants all current service providers to be part of the SIAM ecosystem.

What should ZYX do?

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Correct Answer: B

SIAM Strategy Communication: Clearly communicating the SIAM strategy ensures all service providers understand the new operational model and their roles within it.

Collaboration Agreement: Creating a collaboration agreement formalizes the expectations, roles, and responsibilities of all service providers, promoting a cooperative environment.

Role Clarification: The collaboration agreement ensures that SIAMRUS's role as the service integrator is well-defined and accepted by all service providers, preventing conflicts and misunderstandings.

Contractual Inclusion: While incorporating clauses in service provider contracts acknowledging SIAMRUS's role is essential, it is part of a broader strategy and not a standalone solution.

Formal Notifications: Informing service providers via official communication about SIAMRUS's appointment is necessary but insufficient without a collaboration framework.

Implementation Framework: The collaboration agreement serves as a foundational document, aligning all service providers with the SIAM strategy and ensuring they work towards common goals.

SIAM Foundation Body of Knowledge (BoK), Chapter on Collaboration and Cooperation

SIAM Professional Body of Knowledge (BoK), Governance and Contract Management Sections

Question #3

The ZYXS IT Director has proposed to the CIO that ZYXS should be the service integrator in the new SIAM model. The CIO wants to validate if the necessary capabilities exist in ZYXS. The CIO has asked SIAMRUS to perform the assessment.

What is the first activity that SIAMRUS should carry out?

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Correct Answer: A

Objective and Context:

The ZYXS IT Director proposes ZYXS as the service integrator in the new SIAM model.

The CIO needs to validate if ZYXS possesses the necessary capabilities.

Assessment of Capabilities:

SIAMRUS must begin by comparing the current service integration capabilities of ZYXS with the defined SIAM objectives and the target SIAM model.

This involves identifying the specific capabilities required for the target SIAM model and evaluating whether ZYXS meets these requirements.

Alignment with SIAM Objectives:

This comparison ensures that ZYXS can fulfill the roles and responsibilities expected of the service integrator, in line with the overall goals of the SIAM implementation.

Initial Activity:

This step serves as the foundation for understanding gaps and strengths, which will guide further detailed assessments and development plans if necessary.

SIAM Professional Body of Knowledge (BoK), Chapter on Capability Assessment

ITIL 4: Direct, Plan and Improve (DPI), Section on Continual Improvement

Question #4

ZYX is initiating their NEWGEN SIAM transition project As part of the early planning, ZYX identifies key activities and milestones that must be included in the project plan.

What would be the best approach for ZYX to take in designing their SIAM governance framework?

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Correct Answer: C

Governance Framework Design:

Establishing a comprehensive governance framework is crucial for the success of the SIAM transition project.

Inclusive Working Group:

A working group that includes representation from all ZYX divisions ensures that the governance framework is inclusive and considers the needs and perspectives of all stakeholders.

This collaborative approach fosters buy-in and alignment across the organization.

Review and Define Framework:

The working group should begin by reviewing existing policies and practices to identify areas that need to be aligned with the new SIAM model.

They will then define a framework that includes policies, standards, processes, roles, and structural elements necessary for effective governance.


This method ensures that the governance framework is well-rounded, comprehensive, and tailored to the specific needs of ZYX.

SIAM Professional Body of Knowledge (BoK), Chapter on Governance Framework

ITIL 4: Direct, Plan and Improve (DPI), Section on Governance

Question #5

ZYX has started the SIAM transition project The project team has recognized that a major factor to success will be managing people through the transition from the current operational model to the future SIAM model. It has been decided to create a dedicated consultation group to formulate the best approach to supporting the staff

Who should best be included in the consultation group?

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Correct Answer: A

Purpose of the Consultation Group:

The group is formed to manage the transition of staff from the current operational model to the future SIAM model.

Key Participants:

HR expertise is essential for understanding and managing the people aspects of the transition.

Representatives from across ZYX and the providers ensure that multiple perspectives and insights are considered, facilitating a holistic approach.

Skills and Abilities:

Members should have the skills to communicate and 'sell the ideas' effectively to gain staff buy-in and reduce resistance to change.

Including representatives with these skills ensures the effective dissemination of information and support for the transition.

External Expertise:

If necessary, supplementing the group with external contractors who have specialist expertise in organizational change management can provide additional support and insights.

SIAM Professional Body of Knowledge (BoK), Chapter on Organizational Change Management

ITIL 4: Create, Deliver and Support (CDS), Section on Workforce and Talent Management

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