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Exin Agile Scrum Master Exam

Certification Provider: Exin
Exam Name: Agile Scrum Master
Number of questions in our database: 40
Exam Version: May. 07, 2022
Exam Official Topics:
  • Topic 1: Explain what self-organization means and how project management is shared/ Explain which solutions are suitable for solving problems
  • Topic 2: Exlain what physical changes need to be made before adopting Agile/ Explain why a good Definition of Done is so important
  • Topic 3: Explain how Agility brings predictability and flexibility/ Explain which milestones are important in the transition
  • Topic 4: Explain how to use continuous improvement/ Explain how to coach and challenge the team
  • Topic 5: Explain how to use the Product Backlog in a scaled environment/ Explain how to manage issues, bugs and informing people outside of the team
  • Topic 6: Explain when and how to estimate using Story Points, Ideal Hours and Ideal Days/ Explain how to calculate the ROI (Return on Investment)
  • Topic 7: Explain how to guide a planning session, with and without Planning Poker/ Explain in which cases it is not possible to use Agile
  • Topic 8: Explain how to maintain the Product Backlog and how to add Product Backlog Items/ Explain which tasks and responsibilities belong to the Scrum Master role
  • Topic 9: Explain all roles within the Scrum framework/ Explain commonly used tracking methods (Burn-Down chart, Velocity
  • Topic 10: Differentiate other Agile frameworks and methodologies: Crystal, Extreme Programming (XP)/ Explain what changes in culture need to be made before adopting Agile
  • Topic 11: Explain how to scale to larger teams using Scrum-of-Scrums/ Explain the role of the Scrum Master in all the planning moments
  • Topic 12:

Free Exin Agile Scrum Master Exam Actual Questions

The questions for Agile Scrum Master were last updated On May. 07, 2022

Question #1

''As a coach, I can manage information about swimmers on my team.''

What would be a good technique to split the above User Story into smaller stories?

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Correct Answer: C

Question #2

A company changes to Scrum. This gets some people out of their comfort zone and creates resistance. One way of finding out how to deal with this resistance is looking at the individuals resisting. Suppose that you categorize all individuals into Conservers, Pragmatists and Originators.

What are the best activities to help Pragmatists transition to Scrum?

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Correct Answer: D

Question #3

What is the recommended way of removing the resistance presented by skeptics?

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Correct Answer: A

Question #4

What is the difference between NPV and IRR?

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Correct Answer: D

Question #5

During a Sprint Planning, a team has picked three User Stories:

Story 1 -- 5 Story Points

Story 2 -- 8 Story Points

Story 3 -- 3 Story Points

At the end of the Sprint, the team has completed Story 1 and Story 3 and the Product Owner accepts these.

The team has almost completed Story 2 but there are a few bugs identified in acceptance tests.

What is the Velocity of this team?

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Correct Answer: A

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