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Eccouncil 312-50v11 Exam

Certification Provider: Eccouncil
Exam Name: Certified Ethical Hacker V11
Number of questions in our database: 528
Exam Version: Nov. 23, 2022
312-50v11 Exam Official Topics:
  • Topic 1: Hacking Wireless Networks/ Social Engineering
  • Topic 2: Hacking Web Applications/ Vulnerability Analysis
  • Topic 3: Cloud Computing/ Footprinting and Reconnaissance
  • Topic 4: Hacking Mobile Platforms/ Introduction to Ethical Hacking
  • Topic 5: Evading IDS, Firewalls, and Honeypots/ Cryptography/ IoT Hacking
  • Topic 6: Malware Threats/ SQL Injection/ Enumeration
  • Topic 7: Hacking Web Servers/ Sniffing/ Scanning Networks
  • Topic 8: Denial-of-Service/ Session Hijacking/ System Hacking

Free Eccouncil 312-50v11 Exam Actual Questions

The questions for 312-50v11 were last updated On Nov. 23, 2022

Question #1

Which of the following allows attackers to draw a map or outline the target organization's network infrastructure to know about the actual environment that they are going to hack.

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Correct Answer: D

Question #2

Eric, a cloud security engineer, implements a technique for securing the cloud resources used by his organization. This technique assumes by default that a user attempting to access the network is not an authentic entity and verifies every incoming connection before allowing access to the network. Using this technique, he also imposed conditions such that employees can access only the resources required for their role.

What is the technique employed by Eric to secure cloud resources?

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Correct Answer: D

Question #3

Calvin, a software developer, uses a feature that helps him auto-generate the content of a web page without manual involvement and is integrated with SSI directives. This leads to a vulnerability in the developed web application as this feature accepts remote user inputs and uses them on the page. Hackers can exploit this feature and pass malicious SSI directives as input values to perform malicious activities such as modifying and erasing server files. What is the type of injection attack Calvin's web application is susceptible to?

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Correct Answer: D

Question #4

John, a professional hacker, targeted CyberSol Inc., an MNC. He decided to discover the loT devices connected in the target network that are using default credentials and are vulnerable to various hijacking attacks. For this purpose, he used an automated tool to scan the target network for specific types of loT devices and detect whether they are using the default, factory-set credentials. What is the tool employed by John in the above scenario?

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Correct Answer: A

Question #5

Josh has finished scanning a network and has discovered multiple vulnerable services. He knows that several of these usually have protections against external sources but are frequently susceptible to internal users. He decides to draft an email, spoof the sender as the internal IT team, and attach a malicious file disguised as a financial spreadsheet. Before Josh sends the email, he decides to investigate other methods of getting the file onto the system. For this particular attempt, what was the last stage of the cyber kill chain that Josh performed?

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Correct Answer: B

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