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CompTIA 220-1101 Exam

Certification Provider: CompTIA
Exam Name: CompTIA A+ Certification Exam Core 1
Duration: 90 Minutes
Number of questions in our database: 281
Exam Version: May. 18, 2023
220-1101 Exam Official Topics:
  • Topic 1: Compare and contrast Internet connection types, network types, and their features/ Compare and contrast the display components of mobile devices
  • Topic 2: Given a scenario, troubleshoot problems with wired and wireless networks/ Explain basic cable types and their connectors, features, and purposes
  • Topic 3: Compare and contrast common network configuration concepts/ Given a scenario, apply the best practice methodology to resolve problems
  • Topic 4: Given a scenario, set up and configure accessories and of mobile devices/ Given a scenario, install and replace printer consumables
  • Topic 5: Compare and contrast protocols for wireless networking/ Given a scenario, install and configure laptop hardware and components
  • Topic 6: Given a scenario, troubleshoot video, projector, and display issues/ Given a scenario, install or replace the appropriate power supply
  • Topic 7: Given a scenario, configure basic mobile-device network connectivity and application support/ Given a scenario, troubleshoot common issues with mobile devices
  • Topic 8: Given a scenario, install and configure basic wired/wireless small office/home office (SOHO) networks/ Given a scenario, troubleshoot and resolve printer issues
  • Topic 9: Given a scenario, deploy and configure multifunction devices/ printers and settings/ Given a scenario, troubleshoot problems related to motherboards, RAM, CPU, and power
  • Topic 10: Summarize services provided by networked hosts/ Compare and contrast common networking hardware
  • Topic 11: Given a scenario, select and install storage devices/ Given a scenario, troubleshoot and diagnose problems with storage drives and RAID arrays
  • Topic 12: Summarize aspects of client-side virtualization/ Given a scenario, install the appropriate RAM/ Summarize cloud-computing concepts

Free CompTIA 220-1101 Exam Actual Questions

The questions for 220-1101 were last updated On May. 18, 2023

Question #1

An administrator chose a shared-tenant model for a cloud deployment. Which of the following is the MOST likely reason the administrator chose this model?

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Correct Answer: A

The shared-tenant model for a cloud deployment, also known as a multi-tenant model, allows multiple customers to use the same resources and infrastructure of the cloud service provider, with each customer's data and applications isolated from one another. This model is often chosen for cost savings, as resources are shared and users only pay for what they use. Therefore, the MOST likely reason that an administrator chose this model is A. Cost savings.

Question #2

A field technician for an airport receives a support ticket that states customers are having issues viewing a screen that displays information about departing flights. While checking the case history, the technician sees that all flight information screens were recently moved when the terminal gates were remodeled. Which of the following actions should the technician perform after verifying the screen has power?

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Question #3

To which of the following should a technician connect individual pairs of a Cat 6 cable in order to provide a connection to a switch?

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Correct Answer: B

A patch panel is a mounted hardware unit containing ports used to manage cable connections. The individual pairs of a Cat 6 cable are terminated on the patch panel, which then provides a central location for cable management and organization. The patch panel is then connected to the switch using a patch cable.

Question #4

A user's laptop is running out of disk space and requires a new hard drive. The user wants to replace the existing hard drive with the fastest possible I TB HDD. A technician assesses the user's hardware and determines the connections that are available. Which of the following drive types should the technician recommend as the BEST choice?

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Correct Answer: A

The best choice for the user's laptop is a 1TB NVMe SSD. NVMe (Non-Volatile Memory Express) is a high-performance storage protocol designed specifically for solid-state drives (SSDs). It is significantly faster than SATA SSDs and SAS hard drives, making it ideal for users who need fast storage for their laptop. NVMe SSDs also have lower latency and higher bandwidth than traditional hard drives, making them well-suited for data-intensive tasks such as video editing, gaming, and running multiple applications simultaneously. Additionally, NVMe offers more reliable data reliability than traditional hard drives, and is less susceptible to performance degradation over time.

Question #5

A technician is preparing to set up a gaming computer with the following components:

Discrete, high-end graphics card

Video capture card

High-end processor

Multiple hard drives

USB 3.0 hub

Sound card

Which of the following options is the MOST important for the technician to consider before building the gaming computer?

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Correct Answer: D

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