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Cisco 300-635 Exam

Certification Provider: Cisco
Exam Name: Automating and Programming Cisco Data Center Solutions
Duration: 90 Minutes
Number of questions in our database: 76
Exam Version: May. 03, 2022
300-635 Exam Official Topics:
  • Topic 1: Describe The Process To Implement Workflows For Physical And Virtual Infrastructure Using UCS Director
  • Topic 2: Construct An Ansible Playbook To Create An Application Policy/ Controller Based Data Center Networking
  • Topic 3: Leverage The API Inspector To Explore The REST API Calls Made By The ACI GUI/ Data Center Device-Centric Networking
  • Topic 4: Explain The Benefits Of Using Network Configuration Tools Such As Ansible And Puppet For Automating Data Center Platforms
  • Topic 5: Utilize UCS Director REST API Browser/ Describe The Benefits Of Python Virtual Environments
  • Topic 6: Construct An Intersight API Call Given Documentation To Accomplish Tasks Such As Manage Server Policies, Service Profiles, And Firmware Updates
  • Topic 7: Identify The Steps In The Intersight API Authentication Method/ Implementation Of An ACI Application From The Cisco ACI Apps Center
  • Topic 8: Construct Python Script That Consumes Model-Driven Telemetry Data With NX-OS/ Network Configuration Tools With NX-OS (Ansible)
  • Topic 9: Utilize Common Version Control Operations With Git: Add, Clone, Push, Commit, Diff, Branching, Merging Conflict
  • Topic 10: Describe The Benefits Of Integrating Kubernetes Infrastructure Using The ACI CNI Plugin/ Describe Characteristics Of API Styles (REST And RPC)
  • Topic 11: Compare Model-Driven Telemetry Such As YANG Push And Grpc To Traditional Network Monitoring Strategies Such As SMNP, Netflow, And SYSLOG
  • Topic 12: Construct A Python Script To Create An Application Policy Using The ACI Cobra SDK/ ACI Application Hosting Capabilities
  • Topic 13: Describe The Challenges Encountered And Patterns Used When Consuming Apis Synchronously And Asynchronously
  • Topic 14: Implement Off-Box Programmability And Automation With NX-OS/ Describe Day 0 Provisioning With NX-OS
  • Topic 15: Interpret Python Scripts Containing Data Types, Functions, Classes, Conditions, And Looping/ Implement On-Box Programmability And Automation With NX-OS
  • Topic 16: Configure Cisco UCS With Developer Tools/ Construct A Python Script To Create An Application Policy Using The ACI REST API Nexus NETCONF Using Native And Openconfig/ Embedded Event Manager (EEM)/ Nexus NX-API (NX-API REST And NX-API CLI)
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