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Cisco 300-610 Exam

Certification Provider: Cisco
Exam Name: Designing Cisco Data Center Infrastructure
Duration: 90 Minutes
Number of questions in our database: 204
Exam Version: Nov. 28, 2023
300-610 Exam Official Topics:
  • Topic 1: Evaluate Options For Compute Orchestration And Automation/ Evaluate Options For Layer 2 Connectivity
  • Topic 2: Evaluate Options For Network Orchestration And Automation/ Evaluate Options For Layer 3 Connectivity
  • Topic 3: Etermine Fcoe/ Fibre Channel Interface/ Evaluate Options For Interconnecting Data Centers Such As VXLAN EVPN And OTV Evaluate Qos Requirements In A Data Center/ Services Insertion (Load Balancing, Security)
  • Topic 4: Evaluate Options For Device And Routing Virtualization/ Evaluate Options For Hyperconverged Infrastructure
  • Topic 5: Plan For Iscsi Deployment In A Data Center (Multipathing And Addressing Schemes)/ Evaluate Data Center Technologies Such As Vpc/Vpc+
  • Topic 6: Evaluate Options For Network Device Virtualization In A Data Center (Cisco VIC Adapters)/ Evaluate In-Band And Out-Of-Band Options For Management
  • Topic 7: Evaluate Redundancy Options Such As Active/Active And Disaster Recovery Site/ Evaluate Options For Ethernet Connectivity
  • Topic 8: Direct-Attached Storage (Appliance, FC Storage, And Fcoe Ports)/ Evaluate Options For Storage Connectivity
  • Topic 9: Fabric Interconnect Operation Mode (Switch Mode, End Host Mode)/ Redundancy / High Availability (Graceful Restart, NSF)
  • Topic 10: Evaluate SAN Topology Options/ Number Of Interfaces Vs. IOM Uplinks/ Fibre Channel Adapter Policies
  • Topic 11: Global Policies Vs. Local Policies/ Model-Driven Programmability/ Ethernet Adaptor Policies/ Service Profile Templates

Free Cisco 300-610 Exam Actual Questions

The questions for 300-610 were last updated On Nov. 28, 2023

Question #1

Refer to the exhibit. A Cisco engineer is configuring a customer scenario with 2 x MDS 9000 switches 24 x UCS B200M6 blade servers. UCS 64S4 Fabric Interconnect in end-host mode and 3 x UCS 5108 server chassis with 2408 Fabric Extenders The engineer installs 6 x SQL Server 2019 on all blades and then notices that there are read and write latencies What is the best way to balance the utilization across the shared ports?

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Correct Answer: D

When restrictions on oversubscription ratios are disabled, the bandwidth allocation among the shared ports is proportionate to the configured speed. (If the configured speed is auto, then bandwidth is allocated assuming a speed of 4 Gbps.) For example, if you have three shared ports configured at 1, 2, and 4 Gbps, then the allocated bandwidth ratio is 1:2:4. In Cisco SAN-OS Release 3.0 and later (or when restrictions on oversubscription ratios are enabled), port bandwidths are allocated in equal proportions, regardless of port speed, so, the bandwidth allocation for the same three ports mentioned in the example would be 1:1:1.

Question #2

Refer to the exhibit In this scenario a Cisco engineer is building a loop-free topology where a dedicated layer of the vPC domain adjacent to the aggregation layer which also runs vPC Is used to interconnect the two data centers together. The engineer globally configures a vPC domain identifier on both vPC devices where the domain ID is the same on both peer devices. Which action successfully forms the domain?

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Correct Answer: A

Question #3

Refer to the exhibit.

An engineer is configuring a QoS policy with these requirements

Match-all AF11 traffic and set it to a DSCP value of 14.

The committed rate must be 10 Mbps with a committed burst rate of 1000 ms

Drop any AF11 traffic that violates these settings.

Any traffic other than af11 must have a DSCP value of 0

The given class-map configuration already exists. Which solution must the engineer use to meet the requirements?





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Correct Answer: C

Question #4

Refer to the exhibit Due to power limitations at the customer data center, the engineering team must decommission one of the modular switches In the new design the customer must ensure that the OSPF process is fully protected on the remaining switch and minimize OSPF flapping in case of any module failure. Which solution fulfills the requirements for the new design?

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Correct Answer: A

Question #5

Refer to the exhibit A Cisco engineer is configuring a next-generation Cisco HyperFlex HX data platform with 2 x Cisco UCS 6248UP fabric interconnects. 8 x Cisco HX-Series HX240c-M4SX servers, plus 8 x Cisco UCS B200-M4 blade servers Cisco UCS 5108 blade chassis, and Cisco UCS 2204XP fabric extenders The solution is configured with HX Release 4 5(2a) using VMware ESXi 7 0 U2 After the engineer migrates all customer VMs to the new solution platform, the engineer decides to create HX Native snapshots for all the VMs The engineer performs the operation and notices that some of the VMs are not creating snapshots. What is the most probable reason that the HX Native snapshots are not created?

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Correct Answer: C

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