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Cisco 300-425 Exam

Certification Provider: Cisco
Exam Name: Designing Cisco Enterprise Wireless Networks
Duration: 90 Minutes
Number of questions in our database: 114
Exam Version: Dec. 06, 2021
300-425 Exam Official Topics:
  • Topic 1: Determine Logical Infrastructure Requirements Such As WLC/AP Licensing Requirements Based On The Type Of Wireless Architecture
  • Topic 2: Validate Mobility Tunneling For Data And Control Path/ Deployment Type (Data, Location, Voice, Video)
  • Topic 3: Design High Availability For Aps/ Perform A Predictive Site Survey
  • Topic 4: Design High Availability For Controllers/ Collect Design Requirements And Evaluate Constraints
  • Topic 5: Apply Design Requirements For These Types Of Wireless Networks/ Anchor Controller Priority And Redundancy
  • Topic 6: Design Mobility Groups Based On Mobility Roles/ Design Wireless Bridging (Mesh)
  • Topic 7: Design High-Density Wireless Networks And Their Associated Components/ Perform A Post Deployment Site Survey
  • Topic 8: Determine Physical Infrastructure Requirements Such As AP Power, Cabling, Switch Port Capacity, Mounting, And Grounding
  • Topic 9: Describe Material Attenuation And Its Effect On Wireless Design/ Network Availability Through LAG
  • Topic 10: Utilize Planning Tools And Evaluate Key Network Metrics/ Perform And Analyze A Layer 1 Site Survey
  • Topic 11: WLAN High Availability/ Optimize Client Roaming/ Design Radio Management
  • Topic 12: Perform A Pre-Deployment Site Survey/ Real Time Applications, Tateful Switchover (SSO)

Free Cisco 300-425 Exam Actual Questions

The questions for 300-425 were last updated On Dec. 06, 2021

Question #1

A customer has multiple WLCs running N+1 redundancy with APs equally distributed. Only one WLC is a designated backup for all other WLCs so the customer must ensure that the most critical APs remain registered or get priority over other APs in case of a WLC failure. However, the customer notices on WLC failure that some critical APs remain unregistered What needs to be addressed in the design?

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Correct Answer: C

Question #2

WLC SSO is set up between two WLCs in a service provider network serving public spaces. On WLC failover, it is noticed that only about half of the original client count is now showing on the secondary WLC, although it is currently showing the role as active. Which design side case explains the issue?

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Correct Answer: D

Question #3

Refer to the exhibit.

A WLC SSO pair is set up. Which failure scenario causes a split-brain scenario?

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Correct Answer: C

Question #4

Two cisco 5520 wireless LAN controllers are managing all access points throughout the network. The WLCs are in different locations to provide geographical redundancy a mobility group has been configured on both WLCs and has a UP status on both controllers. The Aps in location A are statically configured to use controller A as the primary and controller B as the secondary. If the WLC in location A goes offline. The Aps successfully join the WLC in location, but they do not fail over to their primary configured controller. Which configuration task fixes the issue?

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Correct Answer: A

Question #5

A customer celled with a requirement that internal clients must be on different subnets depending on the building they are in, AH access points are operating in local mode and will not be modified, and this is a single controller solution. Which design approach creates the desired result?

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Correct Answer: C

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