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Cisco 300-410 Exam

Certification Provider: Cisco
Exam Name: Implementing Cisco Enterprise Advanced Routing and Services
Duration: 90 Minutes
Number of questions in our database: 530
Exam Version: Jun. 06, 2023
300-410 Exam Official Topics:
  • Topic 1: Troubleshoot Manual And Auto-Summarization With Any Routing Protocol/ Configure And Verify VRF-Lite
  • Topic 2: Troubleshoot Redistribution Between Any Routing Protocols Or Routing Sources/ Troubleshoot OSPF (V2/V3)
  • Topic 3: Troubleshoot BGP (Internal And External)/ Troubleshoot Route Map For Any Routing Protocol (Attributes, Tagging, Filtering)
  • Topic 4: Neighbor Relationship And Authentication/ Troubleshoot Administrative Distance (All Routing Protocols)
  • Topic 5: Troubleshoot Loop Prevention Mechanisms (Filtering, Tagging, Split Horizon, Route Poisoning)/ Describe MPLS Layer 3 VPN
  • Topic 6: Neighbor Relationship And Authentication/ Describe MPLS Operations (LSR, LDP, Label Switching, LSP)
  • Topic 7: Path Preference (Attributes And Best-Path)/ Configure And Verify DMVPN (Single Hub)
  • Topic 8: Describe Ipv6 First Hop Security Features (RA Guard, DHCP Guard, Binding Table, ND Inspection/Snooping, Source Guard)
  • Topic 9: Ipv4 Access Control Lists (Standard, Extended, Time-Based)/ Troubleshoot Device Security Using IOS AAA
  • Topic 10: Troubleshoot Control Plane Policing/ Troubleshoot Router Security Features/ Unicast Reverse Path Forwarding (Urpf)
  • Topic 11: Troubleshoot Network Performance Issues Using IP SLA/ Troubleshoot Device Management Telnet, HTTP, HTTPS, SSH, SCP
  • Topic 12: Troubleshoot Ipv4 And Ipv6 DHCP (DHCP Client, IOS DHCP Server, DHCP Relay, DHCP Options)
  • Topic 13: Troubleshoot Network Problems Using Logging (Local, Syslog, Debugs, Conditional Debugs, Timestamps)
  • Topic 14: Loop-Free Path Selections (RD, FD, FC, Successor, Feasible Successor, Stuck In Active)/ Troubleshoot Netflow (V5, V9, Flexible Netflow)
  • Topic 15: Troubleshoot Network Problems Using Cisco DNA Center Assurance/ Describe Bidirectional Forwarding Detection

Free Cisco 300-410 Exam Actual Questions

The questions for 300-410 were last updated On Jun. 06, 2023

Question #1

Refer to the exhibit.

Refer to the exhibit A customer reported a failure and intermittent disconnection between two office buildings site X and site Y The network team finds that site X and site Y are exchanging email application traffic with the data center network Which configuration resolves the issue between site X and site Y?





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Correct Answer: C

Question #2

Refer to the exhibit.

Refer to the exhibit. Router R4 is configured correctly with default OSPF values. A network engineer configured R7 for OSPF. R7 must not be elected as a DR for the segment between R4-R7. The adjacency between R4 and R7 failed to form. Which configuration resolves the issue?

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Correct Answer: C

Question #3

Refer to the exhibit.

Refer to the exhibit. An engineer examines the BGP update for the IPv6 prefix 2001:db8::1/128. which should have been summarized into a /64 prefix. Which sequence of actions achieves the summarization?

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Correct Answer: D

Question #4

Which control plane process allows the MPLS forwarding state to recover when a secondary RP takes over from a failed primary RP?

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Correct Answer: C

Question #5

Refer to the exhibit.

Refer to the exhibit Which action ensures that 10 10 10 0/24 reaches 10 10 20 0/24 through the direct link between R1 and R2?

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Correct Answer: B

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