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CIMAPRA19-F03-1 Exam

Certification Provider: CIMA
Exam Name: F3 Financial Strategy
Number of questions in our database: 391
Exam Version: Feb. 23, 2024
CIMAPRA19-F03-1 Exam Official Topics:
  • Topic 1: Discuss the sources and types of financial risks/ Advice on strategic financial objectives
  • Topic 2: Recommend ways of managing financial risks/ Evaluate the capital structure of a firm
  • Topic 3: Evaluate the various valuation methods/ Analyse strategic financial policy decisions
  • Topic 4: Analyse pricing and bid issues/ Discuss the external influences on financial strategic decisions
  • Topic 5: Analyse long-term debt finance/ Discuss post-transaction issues
  • Topic 6: Evaluate equity finance/ Evaluate financial risks/ Evaluate dividend policy
  • Topic 7: Sources of long-term funds/ Financial policy decisions/ End of topic revision and question practice

Free CIMA CIMAPRA19-F03-1 Exam Actual Questions

The questions for CIMAPRA19-F03-1 were last updated On Feb. 23, 2024

Question #1

Company WWW is identical in all operating and risk characteristics to Company ZZZ. but their capital structures differ. Company WWW and Company ZZZ both pay corporate income tax at 20%

Company WWW has a gearing ratio (debt: equity) of 1:3 Its pre-tax cost of debt is 6%.

Company ZZZ Is all-equity financed. Its cost of equity is 15%

What is the cost of equity tor Company WWW?

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Correct Answer: A

Question #2

Which THREE of the following statements are true of a money market hedge?

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Correct Answer: A, B, D

Question #3

The Government of Eastland is concerned that competition within its private healthcare industry is being distorted by the dominant position of the market leader, Delta Care. The Government has instructed the industry regulator to investigate whether the industry is operating fairly in the interests of patients.

Which of the following factors might the industry regulator review as part of their investigation?

Select ALL that apply.

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Correct Answer: A, B, D

Question #4

A financial services company reported the following results in its most recent accounting period:

The company has an objective to achieve 5% earnings growth each year. The directors are discussing how this objective might be achieved next year.

Revenues have been flat over the last couple of years as the company has faced difficult trading conditions. Revenue is expected to stay constant in the coming year and so the directors are focussing efforts on reducing costs in an attempt to achieve earnings growth next year.

Interest costs will not change because the company's borrowings are subject to a fixed rate of interest.

What operating profit margin will the company have to achieve next year in order to just achieve its 5% earnings growth objective'?

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Correct Answer: C

Question #5

WX, an advertising agency, has just completed the all-cash acquisition of a competitor, YZ. This was seen by the market as a positive strategic move byWX.

Which THREE of the following will WX's shareholders expect the company's directors to prioritise following the acquisition?

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Correct Answer: A, C, E

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