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Free CIMAPRA19-E03-1 Exam Dumps

Here you can find all the free questions related with CIMA E3 Strategic Management (CIMAPRA19-E03-1) exam. You can also find on this page links to recently updated premium files with which you can practice for actual CIMA E3 Strategic Management Exam. These premium versions are provided as CIMAPRA19-E03-1 exam practice tests, both as desktop software and browser based application, you can use whatever suits your style. Feel free to try the E3 Strategic Management Exam premium files for free, Good luck with your CIMA E3 Strategic Management Exam.
Question No: 1


A company runs a distribution warehouse. Its information systems constantly monitors inventorylevels, with automatic re-order processing occuring with suppliers wheninventoryitems reach a specified level. It operates a robotics system which automatically picksinventoryfrom its location in the warehouse and delivers it to the pick-up are

a. The company also has a large database of customer information which it uses to analyse buying behaviour and sales trends so that it can provide customers with relevant and targeted marketing information.

Which THREE of the following activities of theValueChain have been affected by the use of IT/ IS?

Question No: 2


YYY is a profit-seeking provider of television channels. It broadcasts to some 55 countries using satellite and cable technologies. It also commissions and produces about 30% of the programs it broadcasts, to give it a unique competitive advantage against other broadcasters.

Web 2.0 provides new opportunities for YYY and it has developed a strong social media component to itsprogramming schedulestoincrease audience engagement.

Keeping YYY'sdivisions working together is crucial to its success as a business.

Which of the following methods of divisionalPerformanceMeasurement would you recommend to YYY?

Question No: 3


'Big data' refers to datasets whose size is beyond the ability of typical database software tools to capture, store, manage and analyse.

Which of the following statements is NOT a valid statement regarding 'big data'?

Question No: 4


Collaborative leadership is particularly useful in situations where "no one is in charge", where the issues or problems are so complex that no one person or entity has either the information or the power to change.

Which of the following would facilitate the role of a collaborative leader effectively?

Place 'Yes' or 'No' next to each Role.

Question No: 5


PQ is an international airline.

In accordance with Porter's Value Chain, select ''Primary'' or ''Support'' for each of the activities listed below:

Question No: 6


'Big data' refers to datasets whose size is outside the ability of typical database software tools to capture, store, manage and analyze.

Which of the following statements is NOT a valid statement with regard to 'big data'?

Question No: 7


McKinsey's 7-S' model illustrates the complexity of factors that can influence organisational change Which TWO of the following statements are incorrect?

To make progress in one'S' you need to achieve success in the other 'Ss'


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