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Amazon SAP-C01 Exam

Certification Provider: Amazon
Exam Name: AWS Certified Solutions Architect - Professional
Duration: 170 Minutes
Number of questions in our database: 216
Exam Version: Sep. 16, 2021
SAP-C01 Exam Official Topics:
  • Topic 1: High Availability and Business Continuity/ Demonstrate Ability to impl2
  • Topic 2: Demonstrate Ability to Architect the Appropriate Level of Availability Based on Stakeholder Requirements
  • Topic 3: Demonstrate Ability to Implement DR for Systems Based on RPO and RTO
  • Topic 4: Determine Appropriate Use of Multi-Availability Zones vs. Multi-Region Architectures
  • Topic 5: Demonstrate Ability to Make Architectural Decisions that Minimize and Optimize Infrastructure Cost
  • Topic 6: Apply the Appropriate AWS Account and Billing Set-Up Options Based on Scenario
  • Topic 7: Ability to Compare and Contrast the Cost Implications of Different Architectures
  • Topic 8: Deployment Management, Ability to Manage the Lifecycle of an Application on AWS
  • Topic 9: Demonstrate Ability to Implement the Right Architecture for Development, Testing, and Staging Environments
  • Topic 10: Position and Select Most Appropriate AWS Deployment Mechanism Based on Scenario Network Design for a Complex large Scale Deployment/ Demonstrate Ability to Design and Implement Networking Features of AWS
  • Topic 11: Demonstrate Ability to Design and Implement Connectivity Features of AWS
  • Topic 12: Data Storage for a Complex Large Scale Deployment/ Design Protection of Data in Flight and Network Perimeter Controls
  • Topic 13: Demonstrate Ability to Make Architectural Trade Off Decisions Involving Storage Options, Involving Database Options
  • Topic 14: Demonstrate Ability to Implement the Most Appropriate Data Storage Architecture/ Determine Use of Synchronous Versus Synchronous Replication
  • Topic 15: Security/ Design Information Security Management Systems and Compliance Controls/ Design Identity and Access Management Controls
  • Topic 16: Design Security Controls with the AWS Shared Responsibility Model and Global Infrastructure/ Design Protection of Data at Rest Controls
  • Topic 17: Scalability and Elasticity/ Demonstrate the Ability to Design a Loosely Coupled System
  • Topic 18: Demonstrate Ability to Implement the Most Appropriate Front-End Scaling Architecture, Middle-Tier Scaling Architecture, Data Storage Scaling Architecture
  • Topic 19: Determine Trade-Offs Between Vertical and Horizontal Scaling/ Cloud Migration and Hybrid Architecture/ Plan and Execute for Applications Migrations
  • Topic 20: Demonstrate Ability to Design Hybrid Cloud Architecture

Free Amazon SAP-C01 Exam Actual Questions

The questions for SAP-C01 were last updated On Sep. 16, 2021

Question #1

A team collects and routes behavioral data for an entire company The company runs a Multi-AZ VPC environment with public subnets, private subnets, and in internet gateway Each public subnet also contains a NAT gateway Most of the company's applications read from and write to Amazon Kinesis Data Streams. Most of the workloads am in private subnets.

A solutions architect must review the infrastructure The solutions architect needs to reduce costs and maintain the function of the applications The solutions architect uses Cost Explorer and notices that the cost in the EC2-Other category is consistently high A further review shows that NatGateway-Bytes charges are increasing the cost in the EC2-Other category.

What should the solutions architect do to meet these requirements?

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Correct Answer: D

Question #2

A company warns to migrate a 30 TB Oracle data warehouse from on premises to Amazon Redshift The company used the AWS Schema Conversion Tool (AWS SCT) to convert the schema of the existing data warehouse to an Amazon Redshift schema The company also used a migration assessment report to identify manual tasks to complete

The company needs to migrate the data to the new Amazon Redshift cluster during an upcoming data freeze period of 2 weeks The only network connection between the on-premises data warehouse and AWS is a 50 Mops internet connection

Which migration strategy meets these requirements?

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Correct Answer: D

Question #3

A company needs to run a software package thai has a license that must be run on the same physical host for the duration of Its use. The software package is only going to be used for 90 days The company requires patching and restarting of all instances every 30 days

How can these requirements be met using AWS?

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Correct Answer: B

Question #4

A solutions architect works for a government agency that has strict disaster recovery requirements All Amazon Elastic Block Store (Amazon EBS) snapshots are required to be saved in at least two additional AWS Regions. The agency also is required to maintain the lowest possible operational overhead.

Which solution meets these requirements?

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Correct Answer: A

Question #5

A scientific company needs to process text and image data ...........during a live, time-critical phase of a deep space mission. The radar stations upload the data to the source S3 bucket. The data is prefixed by radar station identification number.

The company created a destination S3 bucket in a second account Data must be copied from the source S3 bucket to the destination S3 bucket to meet a compliance objective This replication occurs through the use of an S3 replication rule to cover all objects in the source S3 bucket.

One specific radar station is identified as having the most accurate data Data replication at this radar station must be monitored for completion within 30 minutes after the radar station uploads the objects to the source S3 bucket.

What should a solutions architect do to meet these requirements?

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Correct Answer: B

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