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Amazon SAP-C01 Exam

Certification Provider: Amazon
Exam Name: AWS Certified Solutions Architect - Professional
Duration: 170 Minutes
Number of questions in our database: 318
Exam Version: Jun. 24, 2022
SAP-C01 Exam Official Topics:
  • Topic 1: High Availability and Business Continuity/ Demonstrate Ability to impl2
  • Topic 2: Demonstrate Ability to Architect the Appropriate Level of Availability Based on Stakeholder Requirements
  • Topic 3: Demonstrate Ability to Implement DR for Systems Based on RPO and RTO
  • Topic 4: Determine Appropriate Use of Multi-Availability Zones vs. Multi-Region Architectures
  • Topic 5: Demonstrate Ability to Make Architectural Decisions that Minimize and Optimize Infrastructure Cost
  • Topic 6: Apply the Appropriate AWS Account and Billing Set-Up Options Based on Scenario
  • Topic 7: Ability to Compare and Contrast the Cost Implications of Different Architectures
  • Topic 8: Deployment Management, Ability to Manage the Lifecycle of an Application on AWS
  • Topic 9: Demonstrate Ability to Implement the Right Architecture for Development, Testing, and Staging Environments
  • Topic 10: Position and Select Most Appropriate AWS Deployment Mechanism Based on Scenario Network Design for a Complex large Scale Deployment/ Demonstrate Ability to Design and Implement Networking Features of AWS
  • Topic 11: Demonstrate Ability to Design and Implement Connectivity Features of AWS
  • Topic 12: Data Storage for a Complex Large Scale Deployment/ Design Protection of Data in Flight and Network Perimeter Controls
  • Topic 13: Demonstrate Ability to Make Architectural Trade Off Decisions Involving Storage Options, Involving Database Options
  • Topic 14: Demonstrate Ability to Implement the Most Appropriate Data Storage Architecture/ Determine Use of Synchronous Versus Synchronous Replication
  • Topic 15: Security/ Design Information Security Management Systems and Compliance Controls/ Design Identity and Access Management Controls
  • Topic 16: Design Security Controls with the AWS Shared Responsibility Model and Global Infrastructure/ Design Protection of Data at Rest Controls
  • Topic 17: Scalability and Elasticity/ Demonstrate the Ability to Design a Loosely Coupled System
  • Topic 18: Demonstrate Ability to Implement the Most Appropriate Front-End Scaling Architecture, Middle-Tier Scaling Architecture, Data Storage Scaling Architecture
  • Topic 19: Determine Trade-Offs Between Vertical and Horizontal Scaling/ Cloud Migration and Hybrid Architecture/ Plan and Execute for Applications Migrations
  • Topic 20: Demonstrate Ability to Design Hybrid Cloud Architecture

Free Amazon SAP-C01 Exam Actual Questions

The questions for SAP-C01 were last updated On Jun. 24, 2022

Question #1

A company is running a three-tier web application in an on-premises data center. The frontend is served by an Apache web server, the middle tier is a monolithic Java application, and the storage tier is a PostgreSOL database.

During a recent marketing promotion, customers could not place orders through the application because the application crashed An analysis showed that all three tiers were overloaded. The application became unresponsive, and the database reached its capacity limit because of read operations. The company already has several similar promotions scheduled in the near future.

A solutions architect must develop a plan for migration to AWS to resolve these issues. The solution must maximize scalability and must minimize operational effort.

Which combination of steps will meet these requirements? (Select THREE.)

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Correct Answer: B, C, F

Question #2

A company recently started hosting new application workloads in the AWS Cloud. The company is using Amazon EC2 instances. Amazon Elastic File System (Amazon EFS) file systems, and Amazon RDS DB instances.

To meet regulatory and business requirements, the company must make the following changes for data backups:

* Backups must be retained based on custom daily, weekly, and monthly requirements.

* Backups must be replicated to at least one other AWS Region immediately after capture.

* The backup solution must provide a single source of backup status across the AWS environment.

* The backup solution must send immediate notifications upon failure of any resource backup.

Which combination of steps will meet these requirements with the LEAST amount of operational overhead? (Select THREE.)

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Correct Answer: B, D, E

Question #3

A company is using an Amazon CloudFront distribution to distribute both static and dynamic content from a web application running behind an Application Load Balancer The web application requires user authorization and session tracking tor dynamic content The CloudFront distribution has a single cache behavior configured to forward the Authorization, Host, and Agent HTTP allow list headers and a session cookie to the origin All other cache behavior settings are set to their default value

A valid ACM certificate is applied to the CloudFront distribution with a matching CNAME in the distribution settings The ACM certificate is also applied to the HTTPS listener for the Application Load Balancer The CloudFront origin protocol policy is set to HTTPS only Analysis of the cache statistics report shows that the miss rate for this distribution is very high

What can the solutions architect do to improve the cache hit rate for this distribution without causing the SSL/TLS handshake between CloudFront and the Application Load Balancer to fail?

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Correct Answer: D

Removing the host header will result in failed flow between CloudFront and ALB, because they have same certificate.

Question #4

A company wants to use Amazon Workspaces in combination with thin client devices to replace aging desktops Employees use the desktops to access applications that work with clinical trial data Corporate security policy states that access to the applications must be restricted to only company branch office locations. The company is considering adding an additional branch office in the next 6 months.

Which solution meets these requirements with the MOST operational efficiency?

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Correct Answer: C

Question #5

A company hosts its primary API on AWS by using an Amazon API Gateway API and AWS Lambda functions that contain the logic for the API methods. The company s internal applications use the API for core functionality and business logic. The company's customers use the API to access data from their accounts Several customers also have access to a legacy API that is running on a single standalone Amazon EC2 instance.

The company wants to increase the security for these APIs to better prevent denial of service (DoS) attacks, check for vulnerabilities, and guard against common exploits

What should a solutions architect do to meet these requirements?

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Correct Answer: C

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