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Amazon DVA-C02 Exam Questions

Exam Name: AWS Certified Developer - Associate
Exam Code: DVA-C02
Related Certification(s):
  • Amazon Associate Certifications
  • Amazon AWS Certified Developer Associate Certifications
Certification Provider: Amazon
Actual Exam Duration: 130 Minutes
Number of DVA-C02 practice questions in our database: 198 (updated: Jun. 29, 2024)
Expected DVA-C02 Exam Topics, as suggested by Amazon :
  • Topic 1: Optimize applications by using AWS services and features/ Develop code for AWS Lambda
  • Topic 2: Implement encryption by using AWS services/ Deploy code by using AWS CI/CD services
  • Topic 3: Implement authentication and/or authorization for applications and AWS services/ Instrument code for observability
  • Topic 4: Use data stores in application development/ Develop code for applications hosted on AWS
  • Topic 5: Prepare application artifacts to be deployed to AWS/ Assist in a root cause analysis
  • Topic 6: Test applications in development environments/ Manage sensitive data in application code
  • Topic 7: Development with AWS Services/ Troubleshooting and Optimization
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6 days ago
Just aced the AWS Developer Associate cert! Pass4Success's materials were a lifesaver. Highly recommended for quick, effective prep.
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13 days ago
I recently passed the Amazon AWS Certified Developer - Associate exam with the help of Pass4Success practice questions. The exam was challenging, but the practice questions really helped me understand the key concepts and topics. One question that stood out to me was related to optimizing applications by using AWS services and features. It required me to identify the best service to use for a specific scenario, and I was unsure of the answer, but I managed to pass the exam.
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18 days ago
API Gateway is another key topic. You'll likely encounter questions on creating and deploying RESTful APIs, setting up authentication and authorization, and integrating with Lambda functions. Make sure to understand API Gateway's features for request/response transformation and caching. Passing this exam was challenging, but the preparation materials from Pass4Success were spot-on!
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2 months ago
Passed the AWS Developer Associate exam! Thanks Pass4Success for the spot-on practice questions. Saved me weeks of prep time!
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Free Amazon DVA-C02 Exam Actual Questions

Note: Premium Questions for DVA-C02 were last updated On Jun. 29, 2024 (see below)

Question #1

A developer maintains a critical business application that uses Amazon DynamoDB as the primary data store The DynamoDB table contains millions of documents and receives 30-60 requests each minute The developer needs to perform processing in near-real time on the documents when they are added or updated in the DynamoDB table

How can the developer implement this feature with the LEAST amount of change to the existing application code?

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Correct Answer: B

DynamoDB Streams:Capture near real-time changes to DynamoDB tables, triggering downstream actions.

Lambda for Processing:Lambda functions provide a serverless way to execute code in response to events like DynamoDB Stream updates.

Minimal Code Changes:This solution requires the least modifications to the existing application.

DynamoDB Streams:

AWS Lambda:

Question #2

A developer is using AWS Step Functions to automate a workflow The workflow defines each step as an AWS Lambda function task The developer notices that runs of the Step Functions state machine fail in the GetResource task with either an UlegalArgumentException error or a TooManyRequestsException error

The developer wants the state machine to stop running when the state machine encounters an UlegalArgumentException error. The state machine needs to retry the GetResource task one additional time after 10 seconds if the state machine encounters a TooManyRequestsException error. If the second attempt fails, the developer wants the state machine to stop running.

How can the developer implement the Lambda retry functionality without adding unnecessary complexity to the state machine'?

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Correct Answer: C

Step Functions Retriers: Retriers provide a built-in way to gracefully handle transient errors within State Machines. Here's how to use them:

Directly attach a retrier to the problematic 'GetResource' task.

Configure the retrier:

ErrorEquals:Set this to ['TooManyRequestsException'] to target the specific error.

IntervalSeconds:Set to 10 for the desired retry delay.

MaxAttempts:Set to 1, as you want only one retry attempt.

Error Handling:

Upon 'TooManyRequestsException', the retrier triggers the task again after 10 seconds.

On a second failure, Step Functions moves to the next state or fails the workflow, as per your design.

'IllegalArgumentException' causes error propagation as intended.

Error Handling in Step Functions:

Question #3

A developer is designing a serverless application for a game in which users register and log in through a web browser The application makes requests on behalf of users to a set of AWS Lambda functions that run behind an Amazon API Gateway HTTP API

The developer needs to implement a solution to register and log in users on the application's sign-in page. The solution must minimize operational overhead and must minimize ongoing management of user identities.

Which solution will meet these requirements'?

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Correct Answer: A

Amazon Cognito User Pools:A managed user directory service, simplifying user registration and login.

Social Identity Providers:Cognito supports integration with external providers (e.g., Google, Facebook), reducing development effort.

IAM Roles for Authorization:Cognito-managed IAM roles grant fine-grained access to AWS resources (like Lambda functions).

Operational Overhead:Cognito minimizes the need to manage user identities and credentials independently.

Amazon Cognito Documentation

Cognito User Pools for Web Applications:

Question #4

A developer needs to build an AWS CloudFormation template that self-populates the AWS Region variable that deploys the CloudFormation template

What is the MOST operationally efficient way to determine the Region in which the template is being deployed?

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Correct Answer: A

Pseudo Parameters:CloudFormation provides pseudo parameters that reference runtime context, including the current AWS Region.

Operational Efficiency:TheAWS::Regionpseudo parameter offers the most direct and self-contained way to obtain the Region dynamically within the template.

CloudFormation Pseudo Parameters:

Question #5

A developer must use multi-factor authentication (MFA) to access data in an Amazon S3 bucket that is in another AWS account. Which AWS Security Token Service (AWS STS) API operation should the developer use with the MFA information to meet this requirement?

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Correct Answer: D

AWS STS AssumeRole:The central operation for assuming temporary security credentials, commonly used for cross-account access.

MFA Integration:TheAssumeRolecall can include MFA information to enforce multi-factor authentication.

Credentials for S3 Access:The returned temporary credentials would provide the necessary permissions to access the S3 bucket in the other account.

AWS STS AssumeRole Documentation:

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