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Amazon DBS-C01 Exam

Certification Provider: Amazon
Exam Name: AWS Certified Database - Specialty
Number of questions in our database: 270
Exam Version: Nov. 23, 2022
DBS-C01 Exam Official Topics:
  • Topic 1: Determine access control and authentication mechanisms/ Determine strategies for disaster recovery and high availability
  • Topic 2: Managethe operational environment of a database solutionDomain/ Design database solutions for performance, compliance, and scalability
  • Topic 3: Recognize potential security vulnerabilities within database solutions/ Workload-Specific Database Design
  • Topic 4: Determine monitoring and alerting strategies/ Troubleshootand resolve common database issues
  • Topic 5: Determine data preparation and migration strategies/ Automate database solution deployments
  • Topic 6: Select appropriate database services for specific types of dataand workloads/ Optimize database performance
  • Topic 7: Comparethe costs of database solutions/ Determinemaintenance tasks and processes/ Determinebackup and restore strategies
  • Topic 8: Encryptdata atrest and intransit/ Executeand validate data migration/ Monitoring and Troubleshooting
  • Topic 9: Evaluateauditing solutions/ Deployment and Migration/ Management and Operations/ Database Security

Free Amazon DBS-C01 Exam Actual Questions

The questions for DBS-C01 were last updated On Nov. 23, 2022

Question #1

In North America, a business launched a mobile game that swiftly expanded to 10 million daily active players. The game's backend is hosted on AWS and makes considerable use of a TTL-configured Amazon DynamoDB table.

When an item is added or changed, its TTL is set to 600 seconds plus the current epoch time. The game logic is reliant on the purging of outdated data in order to compute rewards points properly. At times, items from the table are read that are many hours beyond their TTL expiration.

How should a database administrator resolve this issue?

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Question #2

On a single Amazon RDS DB instance, a business hosts a MySQL database for its ecommerce application. Automatically saving application purchases to the database results in high-volume writes. Employees routinely create purchase reports for the company. The organization wants to boost database performance and minimize downtime associated with upgrade patching.

Which technique will satisfy these criteria with the LEAST amount of operational overhead?

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Correct Answer: C

Question #3

A worldwide digital advertising corporation collects browser information in order to provide targeted visitors with contextually relevant pictures, websites, and connections. A single page load may create many events, each of which must be kept separately. A single event may have a maximum size of 200 KB and an average size of 10 KB. Each page load requires a query of the user's browsing history in order to deliver suggestions for targeted advertising. The advertising corporation anticipates daily page views of more than 1 billion from people in the United States, Europe, Hong Kong, and Indi

a. The information structure differs according to the event. Additionally, browsing information must be written and read with a very low latency to guarantee that consumers have a positive viewing experience.

Which database solution satisfies these criteria?

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Correct Answer: C

Question #4

Recently, an ecommerce business transferred one of its SQL Server databases to an Amazon RDS for SQL Server Enterprise Edition database instance. The corporation anticipates an increase in read traffic as a result of an approaching sale. To accommodate the projected read load, a database professional must establish a read replica of the database instance.

Which procedures should the database professional do prior to establishing the read replica? (Select two.)

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Question #5

AWS CloudFormation stack including an Amazon RDS database instance was mistakenly removed, resulting in the loss of recent dat

a. A Database Specialist must apply RDS parameters to the CloudFormation template in order to minimize the possibility of future inadvertent instance data loss.

Which settings will satisfy this criterion? (Select three.)

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